12 Splurges People Fantasize About If Money Was Unlimited

What would you do if you had unlimited money? Everyone wants many things in life, but they are just too expensive. Can you imagine living where you could travel to beautiful places and buy all the luxurious things?  In an online discussion, several people shared what they would splurge money on.

1. Pay Off Strangers Debts

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We all love to help out someone in need because there will always be people struggling financially. With unlimited money, several people agreed they would pay off loans and debts for strangers. One man said that he would secretly pay for other people’s things to help them out financially.

2. Fresh Flowers 

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For some people, fresh flowers around the house are a luxury. You don’t see a lot These days, buying fresh flowers is so expensive. A woman said she would buy fresh flowers for her house since it’s nice to have. 

3. Healthy Food

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Many people want to eat healthier, but buying organic food can be expensive when you are on a budget. Can you imagine buying organic food every week at an expensive price? Not everyone has a lot of money to splurge on organic food. However, someone shared that he would splurge on healthy food if money wasn’t an issue. 

4. Household Staff

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Imagine focusing on the things you love while someone else helps out around the house. Many people agreed that staff would be one of the things they'd splurge on. Not everyone loves or has the time to run errands all the time. A woman said that she hates running errands and would love to hire someone to do them. 

5. Daily Massages

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Having a massage every week or once a month sounds like heaven. With unlimited money, getting a massage often is like a dream come true. Getting a massage is a luxury, and not many people can afford it. A man got a massage a few times a year and would love to do it often. However, he couldn’t afford it. There are so many little things, like massages, that people enjoy but can't usually afford. 

6. Travel the World 

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Traveling has become so expensive in recent years. Several people agreed that if money weren't an issue, they would go see the world. With many countries and cities, there are so many places to see. A woman shared that she wanted to travel to different places and meet new people so that she can learn how they live.

7. Expensive Cheese

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Extra money would mean more simple pleasures in life, especially cheese. Cheese can be expensive when you think about it. A person shared that Pecorino Romano is so delicious compared to parmesan cheese. With inflation the person cut back on the cheese since it’s too expensive. 

8. Fund Research Projects

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Several research projects need to be conducted, but the funding is challenging to source. Research projects take time and money. You also need people to help with the research. A man said he would fund several Arecibo-sized radio telescopes on the far side of the moon. 

9. Shelter, Education, and Healthcare for the Underprivileged

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Helping others in need was one of the things that many people would gladly invest in if money wasn’t an issue. Not many people get to have everything in life, especially low-income families. A man share that he would help set up non-profit university which provides on-site free accommodation, food, and clinics.

10. Dental Care

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For many people, dental care is a luxury they can only afford every once in a while. Not everyone has dental insurance, and teeth are no joke. When you need a procedure done or cleaning, it can be $100 or more.  A woman wished she could be dedntal cleaning every other day if she could afford it. 

11. Solutions to Global Issues

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Many global issues could be solved if there was enough capital to fund the research and testing. With the world as it is, there are many issues that need to be fixed or addressed. A woman said she would hire a team of researchers to brainstorm and come up with solutions to global issues. 

12. Mental Health Facility

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Mental health facilities typically have a negative stigma, but with unlimited money, many people would want to create organizations that make people comfortable prioritizing their mental health. One woman shared that she want to open a mental facility for people who needs group activities, food, and free therapy.

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