Self-Investments People Believe Are Paying Off

The most significant investment may not be in luxury estates, collectibles, and precious metals, but in improving self toward personal growths that enhance our fulfillment and reach our life goals. Such stories of investments in self abound numerously for our motivational delight. Here are the best examples from a popular online community highlighting this truth.

1. Honed Writing Skill During the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 epidemic showed the world that there are many things that we cannot entirely control, yet some people didn't let the time go by without profiting. In one user's story, the pandemic helped him achieve his long-held aim of honing his writing skill. He fine-tuned his quill during the global shutdown and is now ready to take on the writing world.

2. Plying the Business Path

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Another described her life-changing experience with her spouse. At the same time, they both began a business and how it exposed her to insider information about the business world that she was oblivious to prior. She knows now which trade to invest in and which to avoid, how to manage money properly, and the right approach to risk.

3. Work-Schooling

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Switching between classes and the office is a lot of tedious work. One user discusses balancing full-time work and a full-time school program while grinding out personal time. She says the endurance of the strenuous combo “is why I am where I am on my path to FIRE now, “It seems to me she has no regrets.

4. Hiring a Gym Trainer

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Although few men are prepared to pay the body-draining price, most people desire a fit stature. One user consciously decided to hire a personal gym trainer after years of training alone without much improvement. The gorgeous frame of a body capsule he currently possesses is a testament to the reward of resilience and hard work.

5. Workplace Change

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Leaving one's job is always challenging. One user describes how she left her previous employer even though they had just paid for her master's program to work for a new business that showed greater dedication to her welfare and professional development. She emphasized cultural change and how it benefits her life goals in the long run.

6. Early Learning

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Talking about getting started at dawn, one young man expresses gratitude for the teaching he received learning coding as a teen. He retorts the challenges of such complex fields and how braving them is the best investment he can make as a professional programmer.

7. Career Change

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A user named Tommy is an accomplished analytics professional who formerly majored in linguistics. He highlights how a career change turned his life for the better. Several others narrate how braving uncharted career territories pilot them into the life they've always wanted.

8. Joining Yoga Classes

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People who have taken yoga training always discuss the benefits and its gift. For example, a user shared how 200 certifications in Yoga led him to the healing he always yearned for. Another user says that Yoga has helped his personal and spiritual life.

9. Student Loan to Mammoth Income

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One person describes how under the weight of student loans and a burning passion for personal growth, they were able to graduate from the school of medicine and become a partner to a consultancy firm where they landed a mouth-watering 400k annual income.

A second person, highlighting the importance of personal investment, cites the example of their fiance having similar challenges and resolve and how they are currently on a $300K annual basic.

10. Back to School

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Education works wonders when scaling up your life. One user shares his experience after leaving his restaurant manager job to pursue a master's degree in accounting. Since then, his finances have turned for the good, causing him to earn hundreds of thousands over the years.

Adding merits to the back-to-school claims, a second user, after a profitless first degree, worked part-time to earn another degree in nursing. Her income has since then doubled.

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