13 Low-Stress Careers That Are Shockingly Easy

Some jobs seem like a challenge for some people, but that’s what people want you to think. Some people have jobs that others don’t want, but they don’t know the whole story. In an online discussion, several people shared their working experiences at jobs that are easier than they look.

1. IT Support

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Most of you imagine working in IT is a challenging career with much technical work like coding and programming. According to one IT tech, it isn't that challenging. He said it is pretty lay back, and there were days he was playing around on his phone.

2. Security Guard

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Most people would want to avoid the job of guarding a building for several hours. They think you stand all day until your break. However, one security worker considers his career relatively easy. He said being an unarmed security is like being a glorified doorman.

3. Air Traffic Controller 

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Working as an air traffic controller sounds like a high-pressure and critical role with a lot of challenges. They are responsible for a lot of things like managing movement of aircraft, guiding pilot during takeoff, landing, and en-route phases, and maintaining clear communication  to prevent collisions. However, a man shared that his neighbor was one and said it was easy, like playing a video game.  

4. Data Analytics

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Data analytics is a technical field, where you are in charge of collecting, organizing, and analyzing large volumes of data. It may sound like a lot of headaches with patterns, trends, and correlations. However, a man said that the job pays him over six figures. The only thing you need to be good at are SQL and Excel. 

5. 911 Dispatcher 

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Most people can't imagine being able to work as a 911 dispatcher, especially considering how emotionally taxing it can be. If it’s a job that deals with people and is of a high-pressure nature, many people tend to avoid it.  However, one 911 dispatcher said that it was incredibly easy and that he got paid a lot. You have to have the right mindset and attitude. 

6. Construction Workers

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Construction work is a challenging field since you are dealing with all the phases of construction. You can be in charge of different projects like roads, bridges, and utilities. Most people assume they aren't physically fit enough to handle it. However, according to one construction worker, he said it takes two weeks to get the body and mind to adapt. He said people should try and not be intimidated.

7. Airline Pilot

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If you've ever seen what the cockpit of a plane looks like, it's easy to assume that flying one would be scary and difficult. You are in charge of communicating with tair traffic control and monitoring instruments and systems. However, one pilot disagree. He said that it takes effort at first, but it not super hard to fly a plane. The only difficult part is making the decisions in tough situations.

8. Military Jobs

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Most people who hear the word, “military,” immediately think of going to war. When people think they might have to go to war, they don’t even try. But according to one soldier, that's not the case. He shared that doing constant combat mission is difficult but not many people do it. It’s like any other job with more benefits. 

9. Executive Chef

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Being the executive chef sounds challenging, especially if you work in a popular restaurant. You oversee all the aspects of the kitchen’s operations. One chef doesn’t find it to be difficult since he’s been doing it for seven years. He said if you surround yourself with incredible staff, it’s pretty hands-off.

10. Software Developer

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Software development sounds like a lot of brain power since you are coding, testing, and maintaining software applications. According to one developer, it doesn't take a genius to do everything. One man shared that he transitioned into development, and it’s not difficult. He found that people can barely tie their own shoelaces in the industry compared to software development. 

11. Magazine Editor

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Magazine editors are highly respected since they work closely with designers, writers, and photographers to make the publication a success. It may sound like a stressful job since they are coming up with strategies, planning upcoming issues, and assigning new articles. However, one former editor shared that she rounds up stories from the people in her community, writes up an editor’s note, and comes up with a compelling image for the cover. 

12. Package Handler

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We all assume that a package handler must be a back-breaking job since you are deealing with a tremendous amount of packages a day. You have to sort, label, and organize packages for transportation. An FedEx worker said that he been doing it for a while, and it’s good money if you don’t do anything that requires lifting. 

13. Artist

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Being an artist takes some natural talent, but most assume they could never accomplish it. However, one artist shared that everyone is intimidated by art. It’s not easy to make, and some are talented than others. However, it’s not hard if you don’t give up. It’s all about your creativity. 

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