10 Shocking Travel Scams That Target Tourists

Traveling is a fantastic experience where you experience new cultures and meet new people. However, only some people you meet while traveling have your best interests at heart. Some people will try to scam you, trick you, and make a quick buck off of you. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the worst scams people have encountered while traveling.

1. Thailand Necklace Thumb Wrestling 

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In Thailand, travelers may fall victim to the necklace scam. “I was in Thailand having a lovely dinner on the beach when a maybe 7-year-old girl asked me if I wanted to buy any necklaces. She proceeds to challenge me to a thumb wrestling match where if she wins, I have to buy 3, and if I win, I get one for free. She proceeds to beat me in about half a second,” one man said.

2. Morocco Shoe Shining

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In Morocco, be wary of people offering to shine your shoes. “I had a guy in Morocco insist that I needed to pay him to shine my shoes. I was wearing sneakers,” one man commented.

3. Buenos Aires Fake Money Swap

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Always double-check the cash you're paying while in Buenos Aires. “In Buenos Aires, when I paid for a taxi with cash I had just withdrawn from the bank, the taxi driver told me it was fake and asked to see the rest of my cash to see if it was also fake. Apparently, the scam is that they take the real money and switch it up with fake cash, and give it back to you.” one woman said.

4. Snakes in Marrakech

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“In the main square at Marrakech, there is a group of men that will throw a snake on you and make you pay to have it removed,” someone said. If you're afraid of snakes, beware of the snake charmers in Marrakech.

5. Thailand Tuk Tuk Detour

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“In Thailand, Tuk Tuk drivers will offer a cheaper price, with the caveat that they're going to stop at “a jeweler along the way,” or something similar. If you don't buy from the shop, the driver won't bring you to your destination, and you're stranded in some random isolated neighborhood with no other means of transportation,” someone commented. If your Tuk Tuk driver says they need to make a stop, you should get a different driver.

6. Grand Canal Roses

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Always verify with your partner before accepting flowers from a vendor at the Grand Canal. “In Venice, at dawn, I was taking a photo for a couple, and my girlfriend was looking at the sunset over the Grand Canal. A guy came over and gave some roses to my girlfriend, saying that I bought them for her. The guy comes back to me and demands a crazy price for them. My girlfriend seems so happy that I couldn't even say no,” one man said.

7. Egyptian Camels

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“In Egypt, they let you sit on the camels and take pictures for free, then charge you to get down,” someone said. Be wary of anyone offering you a free ride on their camel in Egypt; chances are you may be charged afterward.

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