If You Don’t Do These Things Don’t Worry, These 15 Things Aren’t For Everyone

Have you ever felt like society has certain expectations of you that don't quite match up with who you are and what you want? You're not alone. In an online discussion, many people expressed feeling this way about various aspects of life. In this article, we'll explore some areas where society acts like something is for everyone, but in reality, it's not. 

1. Hustle Culture

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One person shared that the hustle/grind/climb the corporate ladder culture isn't for everyone, and some people want to do what they're good at and enjoy life, not fight their way to the top. For years, we have been told that success is only for those who work tirelessly around the clock. However, this mentality is not healthy, and it is not for everyone. 

2. Social Media

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Someone remarked on how social media has wrecked our interpersonal skills, ruined relationships, perpetuated bullying into cyberspace when it used to end after the school day, and cemented embarrassment if you get recorded. On social media, we're constantly bombarded with pictures and videos, not realizing it's just a highlight reel.

3. Being a Parent

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Parenting is a huge responsibility. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone wants to have kids. One woman commented that there should be mandatory parenting classes provided by the government when people want to have children. 

4. Working The Same Job for 40+ Years

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Working the same job/career for 40+ years isn't for everyone. Society acts like the idea of a ‘stable' job is the ultimate goal. One person shared that after 3.5 years in the same corporate job, they definitely can't do another thirty-five to forty years.    

5. Being Extroverted

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Extroverts are often considered the “ideal” personality type, while introverts are shy and awkward. However, introverts have many strengths, and they should not be made to feel like they need to change who they are to fit in. One woman said that she doesn't crave being in loud, overpopulated environments or making small talk with strangers she doesn't have a bond with, and that's okay. 

6. Being a Morning Person

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Someone remarked that the “early bird gets the worm” mentality isn't for everyone. Society tends to glorify being a morning person and waking up at the crack of dawn, but not everyone's wired that way. Some people are night owls who do their best work after midnight. 

7. Marriage 

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We are often told that finding “the one” and settling down is the ultimate goal in life, but this is not true for everyone. A woman who has been married for many years shared that although she enjoys being married, she recognizes that it isn't for everyone. No one should be shamed for being single or pressured to marry if it isn't what they want.

8. 40-Hour Work Week

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The 40-hour workweek system was created several years ago but has never been questioned or revised. One man shared that he doesn't understand why people get so down on younger people when they complain about having to work full-time. Because he works a 48-hour work week and hates it.

9. Owning a Dog

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Dogs are often seen as the ultimate pet; however, they're a huge commitment. Someone reminded everyone that they are living creatures that require social interaction and space to move around. Unfortunately, some people don't have enough time in their busy lives to dedicate to them. Also, there are just some people who don't want that responsibility, and that's perfectly fine.

10. Romantic Relationships

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We are often told that finding a partner is the key to happiness, but this is not the case for everyone. Some people prefer to remain single. Someone shared that they're perfectly happy being single. They explained that having a solid support network from friends and family is all they need. 

11. Driving

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Someone shared that at the age of thirty-five, they have never driven, and it bothers everyone around them way more than it's ever bothered them. Not having the ability to drive definitely comes with a stigma in our society. However, not everyone is comfortable driving, and that's okay.

12. Team Sports

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We are often told that playing team sports is the ultimate way to build character and make friends, but this is not the case for everyone. Some people prefer individual sports, while others prefer non-sporty activities. Someone remarked that there are other ways to learn teamwork and be part of a group, such as orchestra, marching band, scouting, and more.

13. Homeownership

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Someone commented that some people don't have the budgeting skills, willingness, time, and knowledge to do maintenance or the discipline necessary for homeownership. Society often leads us to believe that owning a home is the ultimate life goal. Still, some people can't afford it, prefer to rent, or prefer non-traditional housing.

14. College

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One person commented on how everyone is pushed to go to college whether or not it is right for them. But traditional college doesn't work for everyone; some people thrive in vocational or trade schools, while others prefer to learn on the job. It is important to recognize that everyone's education preferences are different, and there is no one “right” way to learn.

15. Entrepreneurship

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Our society glorifies entrepreneurs and holds the belief that it should be everyone's goal to work for themself. However, according to one anonymous commenter, not everyone wants to own their own business and work 24/7. Some people prefer to work for others, and others prefer to pursue creative career paths. There's no right way to make a living.

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