10 Unforgettable Survival Stories That Inspire!

Life is full of challenges, and everyone has their fair share of difficulties to face. Some experiences are particularly tough to deal with, and it can seem impossible to move forward. Here are the top ten hardest experiences that some people have had to overcome. 

1. First Breakup 

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The pain of a first breakup can be excruciating, especially at a young age. “I still remember how I thought I would not be able to complete my life without her.” he said, “It took me two years to overcome her, but I’m good now.” 

2. Homelessness 

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Being homeless is a struggle that many people face, and it can be difficult to find a way out. “Homeless at 16 after my dad left and my mom didn't want me. I'm 23 now and proud of everything I have accomplished on my own. Starting grad school in September,” an anonymous person stated. 

3. Death of a Parent 

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“My mother died last month after a painful and terrifying battle with an aggressive form of dementia,” she stated. Losing a parent can be devastating, leaving most people feeling lost and alone. Grief is a natural part of the healing process, but with time it’s possible to find a way to move forward.

4. Abuse 

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Experiencing abuse can have a lasting impact on the mental and physical health of the survivor. Most people need help and support to overcome the trauma of abuse. “I was physically abused by my older brother, and he also SA'd my younger brother but not me. I know that feeling of despair. I do feel like a strong person can mostly move on and live a successful life. Humans are deeply resilient. But… the memories and resentment are very difficult to overcome,” he said. 

5. Traumatic Injury

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After suffering from a brain injury, every day could feel like an uphill battle that could take years to overcome. “Massive traumatic brain injury when I’d just turned 21. No one knows until I tell them, but I should be vegetative if alive at all,” one man added. 

6. Cancer Diagnosis 

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“I have stage 4 colon cancer and was five 2 to 5 years,” an anonymous person stated, “I count each day a blessing but one day it will come.” Receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis can be a frightening experience, but your mindset and outlook can make a world of difference.

7. Death of a Sibling 

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The bond between twins is often one of the closest possible sibling relationships. The sudden loss of a twin is incredibly difficult to recover from. “The death of my twin sister. I think of her every day. It has been 19 years, and I still feel a part of me is missing,” one woman added.

8. Having a Mentally Ill Child 

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“When my son got sick with a serious mental illness. There is nothing harder than watching someone you love in serious pain,” someone commented. Raising a child with mental illness can be a challenging experience, but it is possible to provide them with the love and support they need to thrive. 

9. Parent’s Divorce

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Divorce affects the couple as well as any children they have together. Many children suffer well into adulthood after their parent’s divorce. “My parents’ very messy separation at the end of my junior year in high school, which ended with my dad in jail for a short time, my mom picking up and leaving, never to be seen again, and me having nowhere to live and no family to help,” one woman stated. “Somehow, still graduated while working almost full time,” she continued.

10. Neglectful Parents 

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Growing up with neglectful parents can leave lasting emotional scars. “I've said before that my parents shouldn't have had 1 kid, let alone 5. My dad was a drug dealer who didn't want to stop doing drugs. And my mom liked the idea of having a family but didn't want to do any work,” someone added.

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