10 Behaviors That Often Become Secret Judgment Triggers

Do you ever judge other people? Don't worry! We all have our pet peeves that seem to get under our skin, and we can't resist but cast a shady glance at the people doing it. In an online discussion, several people shared the things they have a hard time not judging people about.

1. Littering 

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Not only is littering unsightly, but it also harms the environment. But some people can't realize that tossing their trash in the bin can make a big difference. “Leaving trash in nature or anywhere, really. I don't get it,” one woman said. 

2. Ignoring Turn Signals

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It can be really frustrating when other drivers don't use their turn signals because it puts everyone on the road in danger over something that's quite literally as easy as the flick of the wrist. “People who don't use their turn signals,” one man said. 

3. Treating Pets Poorly

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“Poor treatment of pets,” someone said. “As the owner of two rescue huskies, seriously. If you don't want the responsibility of raising a baby, don't get the dog,” a woman agreed. Many people expressed their frustration with people who mistreat their pets. If someone can't provide love and care for an animal, they probably shouldn't have one.

4. Peer Pressure 

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“People pressuring other people to do something after the other people have already said no,” someone remarked. We've all experienced peer pressure at some point, but that doesn't make it acceptable. ‘No' is a complete sentence; more people should understand and respect that.

5. Being Loud in Public 

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It can be so annoying when someone is talking loudly or speaking loudly on their phone in a public place. “Being extremely loud in public places or restaurants and bragging,” someone said. 

6. Being a Downer

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Some people have a way of bringing down the mood in a room. While it's okay to express your opinions, it can be frustrating when it seems like certain people never have something positive to say. “I hate people who feel the need to constantly bring others down and make them feel bad about things they enjoy. It's so sad to watch someone's enthusiasm about their hobby deflate because another person decided to be a total jerk about it,” one woman said.

7. Smoking Around Children 

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“People smoking around their kids,” one person said. “The worst is when they have their kids in the car or the house smoking, and the poor kids cannot escape,” someone agreed. Second-hand smoke is incredibly harmful, and children are among the most vulnerable. It's so important to be mindful of where you smoke.

8. Declawing Cats 

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“People who “declaw” their cats,” someone remarked. Declawing is painful, and many people believe that there's no real reason to declaw your cats with so many alternatives available.

9. Not Cleaning Up After Dogs 

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It can be so frustrating if you accidentally step in dog poop. Pet owners need to take responsibility for their pet's messes. “Not cleaning up after their dog. Just get a doggy bag,” someone commented.  

10. Disrespecting Customer Service Workers

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“If I see any partner/friend/acquaintance/family member/coworker act even slightly rude to the waitstaff, I lose it. I have NO IDEA why people think it's okay to take out all their anger on customer service people,” one woman agreed. Disrespecting customer service workers is something that will never be okay. They're just doing their jobs and don't deserve to be mistreated.


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