14 Overrated Upgrades People Love, But You Can Live Without

Everyone wants the best, even if it means paying for the latest upgrade every time a new version is released. But many times, you would be better off skipping the upgrade. The following are fourteen things people often upgrade that aren't actually necessary. 

1. Fixtures and Faucets

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The little details around the home, like drawer handles and faucets, can come with a heavy price tag and don't significantly improve your kitchen. Many people imagine that when moving into a new home or renovating their kitchen, they must purchase expensive fixtures and faucets. But there's no need to spend a fortune when cheaper alternatives work just as well. 

2. Smartphones 

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New smartphones are constantly being released, and it's tempting to try to get your hands on the latest model. But getting an upgrade on your smartphone every couple of months isn't a wise financial decision. As long as your smartphone isn't broken and doesn't lack any features you need, you can skip the latest upgrade. 

3. Laptops and Computers 

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Does your current laptop or computer already meet your needs? Every few months, companies release the latest laptop or computer model, but they're typically only a mild update from the previous version. So, unless there's a significant issue or your current device doesn't offer the specs you need, you can avoid purchasing the latest device.

4. Fashion 

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Do you have your own style, or shop for the latest trends? Fashion trends change so frequently that trying to keep up with the ever-changing fashion industry will cost you a fortune. While upgrading your closet every few months might be something many people love, there's no real need. 

5. Entertainment Systems 

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With the rapid advancements in technology, there's always a newer, bigger, or better version of the tech you already own. If you're a music or movie buff, you likely have a state-of-the-art home entertainment system. While upgrading your system every time the latest versions are released may be tempting, you'll be paying a premium price for tech only slightly upgraded from the previous version.  

6. Express Shipping 

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Everyone has those moments of waiting impatiently for the delivery truck to arrive at their doorstep. At those moments, spending a few extra dollars on express shipping seems like a good idea, but is it worth it? Unless there's something you're genuinely in a rush to receive, saving the additional money on shipping is the better choice for your wallet.

7. Kitchen Gadgets 

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There will always be a new and improved kitchen gadget on the market, but it doesn't mean you need to get every latest upgrade. A refrigerator or air fryer that costs $1,000 will work just as well as one that costs over $10,000. If your kitchen gadgets are working well, there’s not need for an upgrade.

8. Wearable Tech

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Wearable tech is costly, yet companies release a new version every year, tempting customers to get an upgrade. While an upgrade to these products can be helpful to people who are constantly on the go, the average user has no need to purchase the latest version of wearables. 

9. Beauty Products

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Beauty products have been around for centuries, but new cosmetics are introduced weekly. But are these products actually worth your money? Several new beauty products praised on the internet do the same job as the tried and true products that have been around for years. If your beauty regime already works for you, jumping on every new beauty craze is unnecessary. 

10. Gaming Consoles 

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Every gamer knows your gaming setup is almost as crucial to your gaming experience as the games themselves. But with new gaming tech being released every few months, does it really make sense to constantly upgrade to the latest version? If you own a powerful gaming machine, you can still enjoy gaming without upgrading.

11. Pet Accessories 

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Over the last several years, owning a pet has become much more popular. This also means that there's been an increase in the number of pet accessories on the market, from smart feeders to luxury pet beds. Although everyone loves their furry friends, splurging on the latest pet accessories as soon as they're released won't do anything but cost you a fortune.

12. Internet Speed 

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Unless you're a serious gamer or have a work-from-home job that requires a faster internet speed, upgrading your internet service is likely a waste of money. The average person only needs about 12 to 25 Mbps for typical daily use; anything faster won't make much of a difference to anything but your bank account. 

13. Extended Warranty 

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Every once in a while, buying an extended warranty could pay off in the long run. Products like electronics that are used daily are likely items to be damaged from daily use. However, appliances hardly break down during the warranty period, making an extended warranty pointless. Not to mention, several products already come with a one-year guarantee. 

14. Extensive Landscaping 

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Every homeowner values a beautiful yard, but that doesn't mean upgrading your backyard requires a massive landscaping cost. You might think installing a fountain, rock wall, or garden room will increase the value of your home, but in terms of resale value, it might be a loss in the long run. 


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