Travelers Dish Out the Top 14 Tourist Trap Disappointments

Whenever people talk about tourist traps, they usually have a negative connotation. People either warn you to avoid them or describe them as tacky and expensive. But they must be doing something right to attract thousands of visitors. In an online discussion, fifteen people shared fifteen attractions around the world that are massive tourist traps. 

1. Hollywood Boulevard

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While walking down the strip might seem like a dream come true, the place is typically overcrowded, and the street performers can be pushy and aggressive. Many tourists who travel to Los Angeles to see Hollywood Boulevard are disappointed, and their visit is tainted by the number of people in costumes trying to convince travelers to take pictures with them for a fee. 

2. Myrtle Beach

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With murky water, intense crowds, and overpriced attractions, Myrtle Beach isn't what it seems. While the beach itself is beautiful, many tourists complain that their trip to Myrtle Beach wasn’t enjoyable as they often find themselves surrounded by people trying to sell them souvenirs.

3. Capilano Bridge

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While the bridge may be impressive, it's an overpriced attraction, while the beautiful surrounding nature is free to enjoy. The Capilano Bridge in Canada has been rated the country’s worst tourist trap. An $80 admission fee to cross the bridge is disappointing to many travelers, especially since there’s a similar bridge for free at the public park nearby. 

4. Magnolia Market

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Magnolia Market is essentially a crowded home decor store made famous by the Fixer Upper TV show. Since the popularity it’s amassed from the show, the store is typically so busy you can’t even enjoy the experience of being there.

5. Ripley's Believe It or Not

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Believe it or not, these museums are commonly described as gimmicky and not worth the entry fee. Before social media, Ripley’s would provide a much more fun, shocking, and awe-inspiring experience. However, now that people are sharing so much unique and random content online, this business model is no longer sustainable.

6. The Pyramids of Giza

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Though this is one of the wonders of the world, the crowds are massive, and the vendors are persistent in trying to sell you souvenirs. Seeing the pyramids in person is undoubtedly an incredible experience. However, the issue most travelers face is everything else associated with it. The people there often harass and steal from tourists. 

7. Pier 39

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Anyone traveling to San Francisco will mention wanting to visit Pier 39. However, many people who’ve been there complain that it’s more of a large outdoor mall than anything else. While the sea lions may be a cute attraction, the rest of the pier is filled with tourist shops and chain restaurants.

8. Las Vegas Strip 

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While the Las Vegas Strip is a common must-visit site, it can be overwhelming and overpriced. Years ago, moving from one place to the next on the Strip was an incredible experience. However, in recent years, the main goal of the establishments on the Strip has been to keep you inside for as long as possible. Plus, with the massive crowds, the experience can be exhausting. 

9. Stonehenge

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Many who have visited England just to see Stonehenge have been disappointed. While this prehistoric monument may be fascinating to history buffs, the entrance fee is high for a few rocks in a field. However, many have also encouraged tourists who visit Stonehenge to spend time in Salisbury.

10. Fisherman's Wharf 

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Fisherman's Wharf is a large neighborhood in San Francisco and the busiest tourist area in the city. Despite the millions of visitors every year, many describe it as tacky, touristy, and overpriced. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot to see, and it’s so overcrowded that it ruins the neighborhood's family-friendly appeal.

11. Times Square

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Times Square is a well-known tourist attraction packed with crowds of tourists and locals alike. Seeing Times Square at night is a mind-blowing experience for the first few minutes. However, after you’ve taken in the aesthetics of the city square, there isn’t any reason to stick around, and if you do, you’re likely to be harassed by people trying to sell you something. 

12. Plymouth Rock

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This rock in Massachusetts may have historical significance, but it's often underwhelming for visitors. Aside from history buffs excited about the area's history, many travelers describe the stone as small and unimpressive. 

13. Hard Rock Cafe

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While this restaurant chain may have gained fame from its rock n' roll theme, it's no longer worth the hype. Though this restaurant has decorated itself to resemble a rock n’ roll museum, the ambiance has been unappealing to tourists in recent years.  

14. Four Corners

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Apart from the experience of standing in four states at once, Four Corners is just a concrete marker with stalls of overpriced jewelry. The place is usually overcrowded, and the wait time to take a photo at the location marker is typically really long. Though there are several booths selling jewelry, they’re usually overpriced. 


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