15 Things Minimalists Never Buy, And You Shouldn’t Either

Minimalism is becoming more and more popular in today's world as more people are trying to declutter their homes and adopt a simpler lifestyle. One of the fundamental principles of minimalism is that you only own things you need, which means there are certain items that a minimalist would never buy. The following are fifteen things minimalists have cut out of their lives, and you should too.

1. Souvenirs

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We all want to take something home from our travels to remind us of the good times we had on that trip. But minimalists know that souvenirs have a way of sitting on a shelf and collecting dust. Instead of picking up a random trinket, opt for something you would actually use, like clothing or a mug. 

2. Bath Bombs 

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Bath bombs might smell amazing, but you're literally flushing money down the drain. Although these might make your bath a little more aesthetically pleasing, is it really worth it? Next time you have a bath, add natural elements you can already find at your house, like flower petals and essential oils.

3. Fake Plants

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Don't have a green thumb? You might be buying fake plants to add some greenery to your home. But artificial plants really aren't worth the cost. Minimalists understand that natural plants are the only way to go. They'll add some color to your life, purify the air in your home, and boost your mood as you care for them.

4. Single-Use Appliances

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Single-use appliances like sandwich makers, quesadilla makers, and other appliances that are for a specific purpose will only be convenient in the few moments when they'll be used. Meanwhile, these will constantly take up valuable counter space in your home. 

5. Supplements 

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Minimalists tend to avoid purchasing any supplements. While they might promise to give you all the nutrients you need, the truth is that you can get everything you need from the healthy foods you eat. Plus, supplements can be expensive and often come in wasteful packaging. 

6. Disposable Water Bottles

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You could never find a minimalist buying water that's in a disposable bottle. Not only are they bad for the environment, but they're also a waste of money. Instead, invest in a reusable water bottle that you can take with you wherever you go. 

7. Paper Towels

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Paper towels might seem like a kitchen staple for a lot of people, but minimalists know that they're unnecessary. These can be easily swapped out with cloth dish towels that can be easily washed and reused over and over again.

8. Kitchen Gadgets

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If you're trying to adopt the minimalist lifestyle, you don't need random kitchen gadgets like a garlic press, apple slicer, potato peeler, etc. These single-use kitchen gadgets simply aren't necessary for your kitchen. These items typically take up space in your kitchen and are only used every once in a while.

9. Single-Use Cleaning Supplies

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You do not need to buy several different cleaners for each surface. Instead, you could invest in a multi-purpose cleaner. You can wash clothes, clean counters, mop floors, and scrub toilets with a multi-purpose cleaning solution. Plus, you'll save money and reduce the number of plastic bottles in your home.

10. Seasonal Home Decor 

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Seasonal home decor is an item that minimalists avoid purchasing. These only take up valuable storage space. Instead, invest in timeless pieces that you can use year-round.

11. Books

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Book lovers might disagree, but there's actually no reason for you to buy books. You can swap books with friends, borrow books from the library, or use ebooks instead. This is a great way to reduce the number of books cluttering your shelves.

12. Plastic Bags

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If you're trying to practice minimalism. Plastic bags are one of the first things you'll likely switch out to adopt this lifestyle. Instead, use cloth shopping bags and reusable sandwich bags. These bags are sturdy and can be used for years to come; you won't be sending additional plastic to landfills and oceans. 

13. Cling Wrap

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Cling wrap is an item that minimalists have ditched. Beeswax wraps and glass food containers are much more sustainable and eco-friendly, can be used repeatedly, and are easily stored out of the way.

14. Air Fresheners

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Air fresheners are filled with chemicals; for a minimalist, they just aren't necessary. A clean home is a good-smelling home. Once you take proper care of your space and clean up regularly, there's absolutely no need to spray chemicals in the air to improve the smell of your home.

15. Clocks

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Clocks are something that most minimalists see as purely decorative. If you have a cell phone, it's probably on you or near you most of the day, so you don't need to buy an additional item to tell the time.


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