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18 Things People in the U.S. Overspend On

Do you feel like you're never able to save enough money? So many people in the United States feel like they're living paycheck-to-paycheck and can't figure out why. The following are the top fifteen things people in the US are overspending on.

1. Credit Card Interest 

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Despite the fact that most Americans are credit card holders, many people still don’t fully understand how much of a financial strain credit card interest can become. So many people use credit cards without taking the time to understand the conditions and how they will affect them in the long run.  Always pay off your credit cards; if you can't afford to do so, at least pay off the minimum. 

2. Food Delivery 

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Food delivery apps have become increasingly popular over the last few years. While many people don’t mind paying for convenience, these companies typically charge both the restaurant and customers, plus there’s the tip. You wouldn't believe the amount of money you would save on meals if you cooked at home or picked up the food from the restaurant yourself. 

3. Soft Drinks

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Many people love soda, but the price quickly adds up. In every grocery store across the nation, the cost of soft drinks has been steadily increasing over the last few decades. At restaurants, they’re typically one of the highest profit margin drinks on the menu and have no nutritional value. Instead of buying soft drinks, try making or buying healthier alternatives instead. 

4. The Latest Technology

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Most people know at least one person who buys just about every new release from their favorite tech brand. But every new earbud or cellphone released is only ever slightly different from the previous version. So many people rush to purchase the new technology as soon as it comes out, but if you can't afford it, there's no shame in waiting until you can. 

5. Animals From Breeders 

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There are so many pets just waiting to be rescued from the shelters, but many would rather spend thousands on animals from breeders instead. Though some people believe they’re helping the animals by taking them away from breeders, they’re actually keeping these businesses afloat while there are tons of animals waiting to be loved at the shelters.

6. Luxury Coffees 

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If you’re a coffee drinker, you probably have at least one cup every morning. But spending $6 or more on a single cup of coffee really adds up. Making your own will only cost about $0.50 per cup. So, instead of buying expensive coffee daily, invest in a coffee maker and save some money in the long term. 

7. Bottled Water 

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Many people buy bottled water without considering whether they actually need to. There are some places in the US where residents should invest in bottled water. However, for most people, the tap water is perfectly fine. Unless you live where tap water is unfit for drinking, forget the bottle and buy a filter instead. 

8. Cars

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Many Americans spend hundreds of dollars on car payments every month. According to Bankrate, the average monthly payment for a new car is over $700 and over $500 for a used car. With the cost of vehicles steadily increasing, people should consider purchasing used cars instead.  

9. Tipping 

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Tipping culture in the United States is getting out of control. While 15%-20% is typically the standard, lately, anything under 20% is considered bad. While it's a good practice to tip for good service, even people who don't work in the service industry or haven't worked directly with you are beginning to expect they're paid a tip.

10. Storage Units 

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Storage units are incredibly popular in the US. Several people nationwide pay monthly fees to keep storage units with items they clearly no longer need. You should only rent a storage unit if you really need it, and if you've had one for several years, ask yourself if these items are necessary to keep. 

11. Weddings 

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Taking out a massive loan to pay for your wedding is common in the US. But does this actually make the ceremony more memorable? The emotional significance of moments like your wedding day should be more important than the price tag. Instead of starting your marriage with a massive debt, have a budget-friendly wedding; the marriage is what's most important, not the ceremony.

12. Trucks 

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Although these vehicles were initially intended as working vehicles, large trucks are more of a trend or status symbol than a necessity. When purchasing a vehicle, people should think of their lifestyle and choose something that suits their needs. Buying a large truck to take you to the office and grocery store isn’t necessary.

13. Food Subscription Services 

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Meal delivery kits may seem like a convenient way to monitor your food intake. However, the cost per meal doesn’t justify the convenience of the service, especially since you still have to cook the food yourself. Instead of using food subscription services, try meal prepping at home. This way, you can save money and have more control over the food you eat. 

14. Funerals 

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Losing a loved one is a shocking and disorienting time, and it’s easy to be overcharged for unnecessary funeral expenses. Some funeral homes will charge exorbitant prices for their services, which add up to tens of thousands of dollars. So, if you're planning a funeral, do your research beforehand to avoid being taken advantage of. 

15. Clothes 

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Everyone wants to be trendy and wear the latest outfits. Clothes can be costly especially if you buy designer brands. Once people’s clothes go out of style, they tend to throw away and buy newer ones. 

16. Pets

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People spend a lot of money taking care of their pets. They get their pets new clothes, toys, and food. Everything can add up to $1000. People love their pets as if they are their own children. Pets and children expenses can be expensive and sometimes people overspend on them. 

17. Food 

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Everyone loves to eat! No one can resist good tasty food. Food is something a lot of people overspend on because they want the whole experience. If you walk into a 4 or 5-star restaurant, you know how much you will pay. 

18. Home Renovation

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Style and trends change over time, and people want to upgrade their homes. Most often, people upgrade their kitchen or living room since it’s the space that gets used often. People either get a new island, stove, TV, or table. Getting something new for the house is not cheap. 


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