10 Unbelievable Quotes Reflecting Rich People’s Ignorance

Has a rich person ever said something that almost made your jaw drop? Large amounts of wealth can often leave people out of touch with the rest of society. Here are ten examples of surprisingly out-of-touch things that wealthy people have said.

1. You work two jobs!

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“Isn't it funny we are the same age, but my dad bought me a condo, and you have to work two jobs?” someone said. Many people are forced to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, but this is a foreign concept for a wealthy person.

2. Why don't you just travel?

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Traveling is a luxury that most people have to save or budget for, but to very wealthy people, traveling is such a regular part of their lives they don't realize it isn't feasible for everyone. “I was between jobs, and a bunch of my friends told me that I should take the time to travel the world,” an anonymous person commented.

3. It only costs $10,000!

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“I have no hair on my body! You should have your husband take you to get laser hair removal! It only cost me $10,000,” one woman said. While $10,000 might be pocket change to some people, it's significant to many.

4. Why don't you ask your mom?

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People who come from wealthy families can rely on their parents for financial help. Because of this, they sometimes don't even realize most people don't have that type of financial support. “I was venting to a schoolmate about not being able to have a car. She said, ‘Why don't you just ask your mom?'” one young woman said. 

5. When I feel depressed, I go to India for a month.

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“I was going through a bad time financially, and my mental state was very low. A woman said to me, ‘When I feel depressed, I go to India for a month and just chill. That always cheers me up,'” one woman shared. To a rich person, suggesting a quick trip to India for a mental health break might seem like a good idea, but most people can't afford an impromptu trip to another country.

6. It's as easy as buying a plane ticket!

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“My CEO's daughter was talking to me, and she now lives in the UK. She bought a place in London. I mentioned I have some family over there that I've always been interested in visiting and hoped to see it one day. Her response? Just go. Definitely, it's as easy as buying a plane ticket,” one woman said. The wealthy often need to realize that traveling has so many costs that it is difficult for the average person to travel when they want to. 

7. You should talk to your financial advisor.

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“One of my good friends grew up in a crazy wealthy family. When we both got our first “real” jobs out of college, I was talking to him about how I wanted to start saving money and wasn't sure where to start. He said, ‘You should go over that with your Financial Advisor,'” one man recalled. While this might seem like good advice, most people can't afford professional financial advice.

8. Why don't you just charter a flight?

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“‘Why don't you just charter a flight?' in response to my not being able to make it from Oregon to NY by the following day,” one man said. The wealthy often enjoy the luxury of chartering flights. But for the average person, if they can't afford a commercial flight, it's unimaginable that they could afford to charter a flight.

9. You should always have 40K saved!

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“When the film industry went on strike this year, my boss, with a straight face, told me I should always have about 40k put aside for things like this,” an anonymous person said. While the wealthy often have considerable savings to fall back on, the average person struggles to save money, so building up such a large amount is near impossible. 

10. Why not just stay in a hotel?

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“Met a guy on a backpacking trip who said he couldn't understand why all these backpackers stayed in hostels when there are so many hotels around. I pointed out that most of us have budgets, and hostels are cheaper. The thought had just never occurred to him that we can't all afford that,” an anonymous person shared. Backpackers are typically on a tight budget and must spend their money wisely. But to the wealthy, it must be difficult to imagine choosing to stay in poorer conditions while traveling.


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