What Parents Should Start Teaching Kids So They Don’t Be Clueless as Adults

As children, we are like sponges, trying to soak up all the knowledge there is from our surroundings, parents, teachers, and experiences. However, no one ever truly taught us some life lessons we need for our future. These lessons aren't taught in our formal education system, but they shape us for adulthood.

1. The Value of Money

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Growing up, no one ever talked to you about money until you got a job or when you got money as a gift. As kids, you had little understanding of what money is besides that it can be used to buy toys and treats. Parents should teach money lessons to kids step by step so that it doesn't feel overwhelming when they get older. Since money is a broad topic, you want your kids to have some knowledge of money. Money is a difficult topic to understand, and many people usually avoid topics that deal with money.

2. Failure is a Stepping Stone

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As kids, you are in the learning phase. You will not know everything yet since your brain is not at an adult level yet. Parents expect their kids to be perfect and be at the top of the class. In some households, parents expect no mistakes. If kids don't learn to fail early, they will not know what to do if they fail as an adult. If kids learn to fail early on, it will be better for them to pick themselves back up in the future. Failure will make kids stronger and braver in the future.

3. Health Should be a Priority

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Health should never be neglected. Making sure kids eat healthy and be taken to the doctor should be a parent's priority. Whether it's their physical or mental health, it should be checked. Kids are vulnerable and clueless when it comes to their health, so they won't know until you guide them in the right direction. Take it slow with them and see if they are willing to take care of themselves.

4. Time Management

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Procrastination is the sworn enemy of kids. Time is something you can't take back, so you want to use it to the fullest. Parents should give kids a routine so they learn to stick to it. Building habits at an early age will make it easier for them to discipline themselves in the future. By teaching kids about time management, they will learn to set a schedule on when to play and when to work. This will be effective for them when they learn to set priorities as adults.

5. Self-Care is Non-Negotiable

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Teaching kids to take a break and enjoy their precious time is a great way to reset. Self-care is so important since kids' brains and bodies can't be working 24/7. Resting or doing something enjoyable will teach them to care for themselves more. Life is not just about hustling and working but enjoying the little moments in life. Taking a few minutes or an hour break is not a crime if your health needs it. The more you work, the faster you will reach burnout.

6. Show Gratitude

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Many kids complain about life. It can be they don't have the latest iPad, they can't go out and play, they have to do chores, or they don't have parents to spoil them. Letting kids know to express gratitude will transform them as adults. They learn to appreciate what they have and nothing more.

7. Life is Uncertainty

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The future cannot be predicted. You are safe and secure as kids because your parents protect you, but they can't do that for you forever. Parents should teach kids to adapt, become resilient, and maximize opportunities. The future is unknown, so kids should have all the support they need to prepare them for the uncertainties they may face in the future.

8. The World is Not Fair

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The world is filled with injustices. You can't have everyone to be good to you. Kids need to learn to make a stand for their beliefs and values. There will also be challenges along the way, but parents should always be their number one supporters when something is to come.

9. Accepting Change

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Change is not bad, but a new chapter of your life. Kids fear when there is a change because it makes them uncomfortable. Parents should support and help them to understand that change is something kids should be happy and proud of. With change, they can grow and have new opportunities.

10. Saying No

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Everyone will always need help with something. Kids need to learn when to say yes and no. By learning to commit to things that align with their values, they learn to prioritize their time. When setting boundaries, they will learn as adults that this is how to preserve their well-being.

11. Empathy is a Superpower

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Kids can't understand emotions as well as adults. Emotions are hard to understand when people hide them within their hearts. Parents should teach them slowly how to understand and share feelings with others. This will help them appreciate empathy's profound impact on personal and professional interactions.

12. Navigating Complex Relationships

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Childhood friendships may be straightforward, but adulthood is on another level. There will be good and bad people. Your relationship with others will never be a walk in the park. Teaching kids to communicate with others is a key to having a great relationship with others, no matter the person's age. Everyone's perspective is different, so practicing talking with others will aid you in becoming a fantastic communicator.

13. Lifelong Learning

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Kids should never stop learning, no matter their age. There will always be new information to learn. Parents should always encourage their kids to try something new so it can keep their kids curious all the time. Learning doesn't end with school. It will continue until it is the end of your life.

14. Independence Comes with Responsibilities

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Kids need to learn how to be independent and responsible for their actions. Parents should help them step by step, but kids must learn how to pick themselves up. You will spoil your kids too much if they don't learn to do things independently. It will be hard for them to let go when they are adults.

15. Life is a Journey

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Your whole life will be a journey – full of ups and downs. Childhood may focus on certain milestones, but adulthood is an ongoing journey. There will be hard times and happy times. Life is so full of uncertainties that it can be scary. There will be a lot of life lessons along the way.

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