Collectible Items that Have Captured the Hearts of Enthusiasts

 Let's set minimalism aside and dive headfirst into the collecting world. From rare stamps to vintage cars, people enjoy collecting items they like, or that hold personal meaning. Once you catch the collecting bug, there's no turning back. It's a hobby that's equal parts fun and addictive. Here are ten popular items that people love collecting.

1. Steam Games

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On platforms like Steam, gamers can curate an impressive library of virtual games. Several collectors admitted to collecting hundreds of games they purchase during sales but hardly play most of them. One user commented, “Currently at 343 games in total and played about 11% of them.”

2. Houseplants

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Being a plant parent has become a popular trend over the last few years, and it seems to have become quite an addicting hobby. One collector commented, “I now have 35 indoor and 55 outdoor. It's a fun hobby and helps manage my depression. Beware, it's addictive, though.”

3. Band Tees

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From iconic vintage designs to contemporary tour merch, band tees serve as fashion statements. They are souvenirs from exciting live performances and concerts. “This is one collection I can't part with (also 40). Some are unwearable, but I have such sentimental value to all my band tees.”

4. Books

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The popularity of ebooks hasn't lessened the appeal of a personal library. Some people love to have physical copies rather than a digital ones. “I view it all as a library, and specific types/genres/authors are the collections.” 

5. Coins

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Rare and ancient coins offer a glimpse into the history of civilizations. Special edition coins and even broken coins have value to some collectors. Holding onto something ancient makes the item more valuable. If you've ever seen an old penny that dates back to the 1900s, you'll know how rare it is.  

6. CDs

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While streaming platforms dominate the music industry, CDs still hold a special place in the hearts of collectors. “I have around 4000 CDs. Goodwill, thrift stores, and garage sales,” someone commented. Even though you have Spotify, people will always love CDs. 

7. Shot Glasses

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Collecting an array of shot glasses, each with its unique design and story, transforms a collection into a display of memories. One user commented, “My wife has a shot glass from almost every place we've ever been to over the last 40 years.”

8. Comic Books

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Comic books are a very common and valuable collector's item. Several commenters mentioned having a comic book collection. Comic book collectors often keep their books in mint condition and organize them meticulously.

9. Crafting Supplies

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For many, collecting crafting supplies is just as common as crafting itself. Many users claimed to continually add to their growing collection of craft supplies despite having several unfinished projects. “I'm guilty of buying yarn for specific projects and 1) not finishing the projects or 2) not even starting the project at all,” a woman says.

10. Playing Cards

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“I collect playing cards. I have specific decorative decks I keep nice and pretty. Then decks I play games with at bars and breweries,” a collector commented. A deck of playing cards may seem like a simple item, but collecting playing cards allows collectors to explore different designs, discover rare editions, and learn different card games.

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