You Won’t Believe The 15 Things Modern Technology Has Failed to Solve

It's true that technology has come a long way and has solved many problems, but there are still some things that we wish it could fix. In an online discussion, people shared the things they couldn't believe modern technology hadn't resolved yet. Here are fifteen of them.

1. Cereal Without Ziplock

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How many times have you wished your cereal box had a ziplock to keep it fresh? It's crazy how so many random items are packaged in a ziplock bag but not cereal. One man said, “Why are my new boxer shorts packaged in a ziplock bag, but cereals are not?” 

2. Hearing Aids Aren't Waterproof

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Hearing aids aren't waterproof, and that's a serious problem for the deaf community. You can't wear your hearing aid while swimming, and if it accidentally gets wet, it could stop working. One man commented, “I wear a hearing aid. If you get a hearing aid wet, it quits working. If you sweat into a hearing aid, wax builds up and makes the hearing aid not work. If I take a shower, I have to wait at least 30 minutes for my ear canal to dry before being able to hear without potentially breaking my hearing aid.” 

3. Microwaves Only Heat, Not Chill

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Unfortunately, microwaves only have one function: to heat up your food. How convenient would it be if it had the option to chill things as well? One man remarked, “The reverse microwave. To allow me to chill a beer from room temperature to fridge temperature in under two minutes.” 

4. Refunds Take Several Days to Process

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Lately, we expect everything to be instant, including refunds. But if you have an issue at the bank, it can take several days or weeks to resolve. One woman complained, “Companies can take money out of my account in like 10 seconds, but if I need a refund, sometimes it takes a week or more.” 

5. Shortages of Critical Medication

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Shortages of critical medication are serious problems that affect many people around the world. One man commented, “I remain amazed that our system (technological, financial, manufacturing) suddenly has us dealing with shortages of critical medications. We should be way past this point.” 

6. Traffic Lights Don't Use Real-Time Data

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Have you ever been stuck at a red light with no cars in sight? Why don't traffic lights use real-time data to adjust their timings? One man shared, “Traffic lights. There's no reason anyone should be sitting at a red light when no traffic is coming the other way. They should be able to use real data to inform the timing of lights to facilitate the best flow of traffic.” 

7. Impossible to Restore Nerve Damage

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Nerve damage can be debilitating. Despite the medical and technological advancements we've made in our society, nerve damage is still impossible to restore. Someone shared, “Nerve damage, in general, we can't fix. If the body doesn't manage to fix it within about a year, it's gone.” 

8. Outdated System for Pap Smears

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Pap smears are an important test for women's health, but the current system is outdated and can be uncomfortable for patients. One woman said, “Pap smears and especially cervical checks in pregnancy. You mean to tell me no one can invent some kind of laser measuring system or ultrasound that can check my cervix?”

9. Vehicles Don't Have Transition Windscreens

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Have you ever been blinded by the sun while driving? There must be an easier way to help drivers avoid the sunlight. One woman said, “Why do we have nothing that actually blocks the blinding sun while we drive?” A man agreed, saying, “They have eyeglasses that transition in the sunlight, so why not the windscreen? Makes sense to me.” 

10. Limited Treatments for Heavy Scarring

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Scars can be a cosmetic issue for many people and cause mobility issues for others. Unfortunately, there are limited treatments available to restore heavy scarring. One man remarked, “We can do open Heart surgeries, organ transplants, and have some genic therapies, but we still cannot do anything really effective against skin scars.” 

11. Ineffective Dementia Treatment

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Dementia can be a devastating disease, and current treatments are often ineffective or have unwanted side effects. Someone commented, “Effective treatments to stop the progression of dementia.” 

12. Washing Machines Don't Fold Clothes

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How convenient would it be if washing machines could fold the laundry for you? Doing the laundry can be really time-consuming, and many people wish technology would come up with a faster resolution. One woman said, “I want a machine that washes, dries, and folds laundry at the touch of a button.” 

13. Poor Battery Life on Phones and Laptops

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A common complaint among smartphone and laptop users is the poor battery life. Companies currently value a sleek design and sacrifice the battery size in exchange. One man commented, “Battery life on mobile phones and laptops not lasting up to a week is a major technological disappointment.” 

14. Wireless Printers Never Work Properly

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Printing on a wireless picture and receiving several error messages can be frustrating. It's a common problem that, for some reason, hasn't been solved. One woman shared, “Printers. Computers have gotten easier to use, but printers are just as persnickety as the first one I got 30 years ago.” 

15. Limited Options for Dental Care

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Teeth are a sensitive part of the body that can be easily destroyed, and there's no way of growing them back. Why hasn't anything been invented to care for the teeth that doesn't involve brushing twice a day? One man said, “For me, it's brushing your teeth. I can't believe if you don't do it twice a day and hit the dentist twice a year, you're pretty much guaranteed to have some dental issues.” 


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