People Share 15 Things That Lost Prestige in Recent Years, You Won’t Believe What Made the List

The world is quickly changing, and so are our interests. The things that people used to hold in high regard are shifting, and so many things that once seemed prestigious are becoming irrelevant. In an online discussion, people shared what they believe has lost prestige over the last few years. Here are the top fifteen. 

1. Breaking News

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There was once a time when whenever you heard the phrase “breaking news,” you would stop to listen. Lately, it's so overused no one bats an eye. One man said, “The term ‘breaking news' has no meaning anymore since they overuse it.” Another man agreed, “News headlines in general are all in clickbait form now.”

2. Medical Professions 

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Some careers have a way of commanding respect, and being part of the medical field used to be one of those jobs. However, people have slowly changed their view of medical professionals. One doctor shared, “Doctors. I'm a doctor. We're mostly employees now, cogs in the wheel. There is also a lot of distrust in the medical system.” A nurse agreed by commenting, “I'm an RN, and I mentioned to a doc I was completely disposable, and our company didn't care about us nurses. He said, ‘Oh, I am too. We're all dispensable'.”

3. Airbnb

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Airbnb skyrocketed in popularity, causing most people to seek them out before even considering a hotel. But over the last few years, that's changed. One man shared, “Airbnb used to be able to get fair prices on non-hotel styled room stays, but now it's overpriced and has so many fees it's cheaper to go to hotels.” 

4. Amazon

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There was once a time when shopping on Amazon meant choosing from the best quality brands, but that's changed with the influx of third-party sellers. One woman said, “Amazon. It used to have nice things (branded or well-reviewed) that would get shipped quickly. Now it's generic things with “good reviews” and the shipping is sometimes random.” 

5. The Internet

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Remember when the internet wasn't mostly ads? One man said, “The glory days of the net were awesome. True wild wild west. Now your entire digital life is tracked and history bought and sold in an attempt to get you to buy stuff.” 

6. The Presidency 

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The title of “President of the United States” would command worldwide respect, regardless of who held that position. Recently, the public perception is more based on the individual than their status. One woman said, “I remember the presidency being more respected than it is today. Like even if you didn't respect the president, you still respected the presidency.” 

7. Being a University Faculty Member

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Being a professor at a prestigious university used to be a coveted career, but that has slowly begun to change. One professor shared, “Used to be a place of deep thinking, now it's a rat race of publishing ill-thought-out papers. There are several good faculty members, but the rate at which this trend has grown, coupled with how toxic a lot of these professors can be, has really decreased my respect for this role.” 

8. Designer Brands

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The general perception of a designer brand is used to mean high-quality products. Now, brands are considered luxury based on how well they can market themselves rather than the product. One woman shared, “Every designer brand. People may argue that they were never worth it, but at least back then, they cared about quality, materials, and craftsmanship. Now it's all about mass marketing and ever-increasing prices for lower quality.”

9. Luxury Housing 

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There was a time when your street address alone was enough to let people know you lived in luxury housing. Now, everyone markets their real estate as luxury housing, even when it isn't. One woman said, “The term “luxury” pertaining to newly built apartments and condos. The construction gets subcontracted out, so you know they've cut corners. The walls are paper thin, and the finishes are cheap. They charge exorbitant rents then nickel and dime the tenants with fees.”

10. Encyclopedias

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When was the last time you saw an encyclopedia? These used to be the prized possessions of upper-class families. One man commented, “Used to be that having the full set of Encyclopedia Britannica was a bit of a status symbol in the middle class. Kids who had it were envied by their peers because it made projects, etc, so much easier.” 

11. Mainstream Media

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Major news networks have lost prestige as the younger generations turn toward social media for news. Someone said, “Mainstream media outlets. I don't know anyone under 40 who watches major news networks. The boomers are keeping them afloat for now, but it's only a matter of time.”

12. Ivy League Education

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Ivy League graduates were once seen as the cream of the crop, but it's only relevant if you're into politics or finance. An Ivy League graduate said, “I feel like it gives you a HUGE advantage for the first 5 or so years out of college. Beyond that, it may help you in networking, maybe, but at that point, it really becomes more about your own accomplishments, career trajectory, and your professional networking.” 

13. The Oscars 

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There was a time when The Oscars mattered, and people everywhere would be interested in who won. Lately, it doesn't garner the same interest. One woman said, “The Oscars. I don't think they have had any particular weight ever. But I remember when I used to talk to people about that – they were generally beloved. Now, most people don't care and think they're bogus.” 

14. Being in a Fraternity

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Remember when being a frat brother didn't make people cringe? Being in a fraternity used to be considered exclusive and prestigious, but not anymore. One man remarked, “Being in a fraternity. So often, when it comes up in conversation that I've been a part of Greek life, I get a nasty side-eye.” 


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Certain sports have always seemed more exclusive than others, and NASCAR was one of them. One man said, “It's hard to imagine now, but there was a time when NASCAR was the 2nd most popular sport in America. Drivers were often from small, unknown southern towns. They were seen as absolute legends because they climbed out of poverty and obscurity to put their lives on the line to race in these dangerous, heavy, speed machines.” 


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