15 Trends We’re Leaving Behind in 2024

There are so many things that we've adopted as a society that really need to go. With the new year just around the corner, in an online discussion, people were asked what were the trends that should be left behind as we start the new year. The following are the top fifteen responses.

1. Social Media Challenges 

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We need to stop doing challenges that encourage people to break the law or hurt themselves or others. They aren't worth it! Not only are these challenges dangerous, but they also encourage impressionable young children to do the same. Social media should be used to share information.

2. Subscription Services  

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Are subscription services convenient? Yes, but they cost us much more money in the long run. Companies have moved away from offering us their products for a one-time charge and adopted the subscription model. Now, so many of us are paying monthly for services we hardly use.

3. Playing Music Out Loud in Public

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A recent phenomenon is people suddenly playing music out loud while they're in public. This is definitely a trend that needs to stay in the past. Nobody wants to hear your music while they're walking down the street or sitting on the subway. Invest in some headphones, or keep your phone on silent while you're out and about.

4. Influencers

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All influencers aren't bad, of course not. But influencers filming content out in public has become such an odd occurrence. Also, while some use their platform for good, there are so many who promote products and services they don't actually use or even care about that maybe we don't need their influence as much as we think we do. 

5. Tipping Culture 

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When did we stop paying people a living wage? Tipping culture is getting out of hand. While it's a good practice to list your service workers, it's gotten to the point where we're expected to tip for everything. 

6. Plastic Pollution 

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Plastic pollution is a severe issue that hopefully won't be following us into the new year. Reusable bags, water bottles, and straws are all small but impactful ways we could help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills or the ocean.

7. Cropped Clothing

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Cropped clothing might look good on some people, but it really isn't for everyone. But it's everywhere! Lately, finding clothes that aren't cropped can be frustrating. In 2024, we need to celebrate the diverse styles that make everyone unique and cut back on cropped clothes. 

8. Greed 

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Greed is at the root of so many of the bad things happening in the world. We're seeing much more wealth inequality in our society. It's time for us to all start caring about the long-term consequences of our actions. 

9. Violence

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It's embarrassing that people are still using violence as a way to solve their conflicts. It's time that, as a society, we begin to place a higher value on human life and find non-violent solutions to our issues. 

10. Movie Remakes

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We're living in an era where companies prefer to create a remake rather than come up with a new idea. While some movie remakes are excellent and enjoyable to watch, there are so many it seems like 

11. Claiming COVID as an Excuse

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During the height of the pandemic, people were nervous about leaving their safe space to go out in public. While this was a valid excuse a year or two ago, life has returned to normal. Using COVID as an excuse to avoid social situations is definitely something we're leaving behind. 

12. Filming Everything

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 People's cell phones are never far away anymore. Wherever you are, you're guaranteed to spot someone filming something. We've all seen the people who film themselves at the gym and are constantly. This is a trend that definitely shouldn't follow us into the new year.

13. Facetime Calls in Public Spaces

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Have you ever come across someone having a full-blown conversation over Facetime while they're out in public? This is a trend that we need to leave behind. It's incredibly annoying and disrespectful, especially since they could quickly just put on some headphones. 

14. Cancel Culture

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It's important that we hold people accountable for their actions. However, the social media trend of canceling people is getting out of hand. Netizens often cancel people over things that took place several years ago when they weren't considered problematic. In 2024, let's give people some grace to grow and mature. 

15. Reaction Videos 

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Reaction videos are really popular right now. Although they're sometimes entertaining many times, they're a way for people to profit off of someone else's content. In 2024, let's value content the hard work creators put into making content and end reaction videos.


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