Top 10 High-End Places to Move, If You Can Swing It

Have you ever thought about packing your bags and moving to a new country? The world is a big place, and there are so many incredible countries to choose from if you can afford it. But what if money wasn't an issue? We scoured a forum discussion and found ten places where people would prefer to settle down if they weren't limited by their wallets. 

1. Norway

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“It's a beautiful country; being able to live so close to the mountains, ocean, and forests would be perfect. Plus, it's on average cooler year-round than where I live now,” one man said. Norway is appealing for its natural beauty, fjords, and northern lights. It's also known for its high standard of living, which means that healthcare and education are accessible to everyone. 

2. Canada

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Canada has so much to offer, from beautiful landscapes to welcoming people. The healthcare system is also top-notch, and the country has a high standard of living. “I'd like to be in Canada. A few acres of land. A nice cozy house, nothing massive or fancy. Snowboarding in winter. Climbing and mountain biking in summer,” one man said.

3. New Zealand

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“New Zealand all the way. English/western culture. In the southern hemisphere, just like my current country, so none of that nonsense of being in school in January at midwinter,” one man said.

4. Vatican City

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“Vatican City, I'd be neighbors with the pope and let my lemon tree grow over his side of the fence,” someone said. If you're interested in history and art, then Vatican City is worth considering.

5. Mexico

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Mexico has beautiful beaches, delicious food, and rich culture. “I'd stay in México,” one man commented. “I mean, if money wasn't a problem, I'd love to travel a lot. But honestly, I can't see myself living without tortillas or chili.” 

6. Japan

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“Japan. I lived there for a few years teaching English and absolutely loved it. Some of the most beautiful nature and scenery you could imagine. Extremely friendly people, little to no dangerous crime, fantastic transportation (both public and car), a fantastic blend of modern and traditional culture, awesome food, spectacular festivals, awesome snow, pristine beaches, etc.,” someone shared. Japan definitely has a lot to offer, and with its high standard of living, many people would love to move there.

7. Sweden

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Sweden was popular among those who prefer cooler weather and winter sports. The peculiar day and night cycle can be disorienting for foreigners. Still, the country is beautiful, and the people are amazing. “Sweden. Awesome place and people, particularly the rural North,” someone said.

8. Alaska

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Alaska is a state in the United States, but it has a unique culture and landscape that sets it apart from the rest of the country. It's known for its stunning scenery, and the people are very friendly. “Buy land in Alaska, build a comfortable house with many modern comforts, and live like a hermit.”

9. Italy

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“Italy – heavily Catholic, lots of beautiful churches and rich history, beautiful women, and good wine,” one man said. The country is renowned for its rich history and culture, with countless museums, galleries, and monuments to explore, as well as delicious food and wine.

10. Amsterdam

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“Amsterdam, for sure. I liked walking everywhere and taking quality public transport, and everyone spoke English,” someone shared. The city is bike-friendly, so you can easily get around without a car. If you're interested in art, history, and culture, Amsterdam is somewhere you could move to. This post was inspired by this thread.

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