15 of the Rarest and Most Exotic Skills Not Many People Have Today

We've gotten so used to our modern conveniences that some ancient skills are slowly disappearing from our society. In this blog post, we'll explore 15 of the rarest and most exotic skills few people still possess today.

1. Flintknapping 

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Flintknapping is an ancient skill that's slowly disappearing from our modern world. It's the art of creating arrowheads and other tools by chipping away at flint or other stones. This skill requires a lot of patience, precision, and a deep understanding of the properties of the stone being worked with. 

2. Suminagashi 

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Suminagashi is the Japanese art of creating marbled paper using ink. The word suminagashi translates to “floating ink” or “spilled ink” because the technique involves floating ink on the water's surface and gently laying paper onto the ink to transfer the design. This technique of creating beautiful, handmade marbled paper has been around since the 12th century and is currently a skill few people have.

3. Bookbinding

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A beautifully bound book is something that every book lover appreciates. Still, the skill of creating it is one that not many people can boast about. Bookbinding involves creating books by hand, using techniques like sewing, gluing, and making the cover.

4. Ice Carving

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Ice carving is the art of creating intricate, 3D sculptures from ice. This skill requires a lot of patience as several hours are put into creating each beautiful sculpture, only for it to melt away. Nowadays, ice carvers are typically hired to create displays for formal events and special occasions.

5. Bobbin Lace

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Bobbin lace is an intricate lacemaking technique that originated in 16th-century Italy. It involves weaving fine threads together using bobbins. While bobbin lacemaking may not be as popular today as it once was, many people are still interested and love making bobbin lace and sharing their knowledge of the art with others.

6. Glassblowing

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Glassblowing is a beautiful skill that only a few people share the knowledge and skill of. It uses a blowpipe to shape molten glass into various forms, including vases, bowls, and sculptures. This skill was once highly valued, and master glassblowers were sought after, but as centuries passed, the number of people interested in glassblowing began to decrease. However, in recent years, the glassblowing industry has seen a steady increase in interest and growth.

7. Playing the Harp

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Playing a musical instrument is a popular hobby, but playing the harp is extremely rare. The harp was once more popular than the piano, but today, it's uncommon to hear someone playing the harp. Harpists practice for several years to learn how to produce the unique and graceful sounds of the harp.

8. Blacksmithing 

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Blacksmithing (or iron forging) is an ancient skill that was once a sought-after trade. Although it decreased in popularity during the Industrial Revolution, blacksmithing still exists and is practiced today. Today's Blacksmiths specialize in creating custom handmade iron pieces.

9. Beekeeping 

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Beekeeping was once a specialized skill that required extensive training. However, this skill has become a topic of interest for many in recent years. While many people are intrigued by the art of beekeeping, it still requires a lot of knowledge about bees and their behavior, so successfully rearing bees remains a rare skill.

10. Building a Fire From Scratch 

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Survival skills like building a fire have been lost to many of us today. Building a fire requires knowledge of the specific types of materials needed and how to arrange them to create a sustainable fire. While this skill is rare, knowing how to build a fire is valuable, especially if you enjoy camping or spending time outdoors. 

11. Butchering 

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Butchers were once a valuable member of any functioning society. Butchers require a knowledge of animal anatomy, the best cuts of meat, and how to break down an animal carcass efficiently and without wasting it. Today, butchery is seen as a dying art, with the number of independent butchers decreasing yearly. 

12. Canning

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Canning is the process of preserving food by sealing it in jars. It's a skill that has been around for a long time but has become less common in modern times. Over the last few years, as people have spent more and more time at home, the popularity of canning as a hobby has increased; however, this still remains a skill that few possess.

13. Whittling 

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Many young people haven't even heard of whittling. It's the art of carving wood into intricate shapes and designs using a knife. This skill was popular during the mid-19th century and was used to create everything from toys to functional household items. The patience and precision required to whittle wood make it a rare skill that not many people possess.

14. Stone Sculpting 

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Carving stone into beautiful sculptures has been practiced for centuries and is still highly valued today. It's physically demanding and time-consuming, but the result can be breathtaking. While only a few people have the opportunity to learn stone sculpting, those who possess this unique talent are highly respected in the world of art.

15. Smoking Meat

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Smoking meat was a method of food preservation in the past and has now become a popular way of cooking meats today. It involves slow-cooking meat over low heat and smoke until it's tender and flavorful. Despite the popularity of smoked meat dishes, smoking meat is a skill that many people don't have.


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