15 Things Gen Z is Doing Differently and Why it’s Working

Every generation does things a little differently from those before them. Although Gen Z has been the butt of many jokes in recent times, there are a lot of things they do differently that actually work. According to a discussion on an online thread, the following are fifteen things Gen Z is doing right.

1. Leaving Jobs for Better Pay

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Unlike the generations before them, Gen Z isn't afraid to leave a job for one with better pay. They understand their worth and aren't willing to settle for less. Company loyalty and going above and beyond your job description are no longer a thing. Why stay in a job where you aren't appreciated when you could go elsewhere?

2. Treating People with Disabilities with Respect

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Children with disabilities of the previous generations had a hard time feeling accepted and respected. Gen Z is known for being more accepting and inclusive than previous generations. They understand that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of their ability. 

3. Drawing Boundaries in Relationships

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Gen Z is not afraid to set boundaries when it comes to their family relationships. They understand that putting yourself first is important, even if it means saying no to family members. The way they see it, you do not get a pass on toxic behavior just because you're a parent or sibling.

4. They are More Open to Emotions 

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The younger generation is a lot more emotionally vulnerable. They understand the importance of emotional intelligence and aren't afraid to express their feelings regardless of who they are or how they identify. Gen Z is creating a more authentic and supportive society by being more emotionally open.

5. Quiet Quitting

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Gen Z refuses to work outside of their established working hours and will turn down any request for them to work extra hours. Instead, they practice something called ‘quiet quitting'. Zoomers aren't concerned with whether or not a company is understaffed and will only meet the minimum requirements to keep their job.

6. Prioritize Mental Health

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There's been such a huge change over the last couple of generations when it comes to mental health issues. Gen Z understands the importance of mental health and isn't afraid to talk about their issues. They make it clear when they need to speak to someone, need medication, or want to make their family and friends aware that they're struggling.

7. Normalized Discussing Consent

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Gen Z is creating a safer and more respectful dating culture. They understand that consent is a requirement in any romantic relationship. They've also prioritized educating others on what is and isn't consent and empowering one another to stand up for each other. 

8. Spend Money on Experiences Instead of Things

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Previous generations have been more concerned about acquiring things, but Gen Z spends their money on experiences instead. They love to travel, try new things, and explore the world. Gen Z believes that experiences and memories are much more meaningful.

9. Being Humanist

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Gen Z takes a more humanist approach than other generations. They are more empathetic, inclusive, and accepting of diversity. They aren't afraid to express their opinions and stand up for their beliefs. They are all about making the world better by being kinder to each other and the environment.

10. Financially Literate

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Gen Z is also more financially literate than the other generations at that stage. They are more aware of the importance of saving, investing, and managing their finances. They are more likely to have a budget and savings plan, which has helped them become more financially independent at a young age.

11. Less Bullying in Schools

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Gen Z has brought about a reduction in bullying in schools. Schools once had an issue with the “cool kids” being bullies to others, but with Gen Z, the cool kids are kind and care about people. They are more accepting of differences and less likely to bully or ostracize those who are different.

12. Making Secondhand Clothing Cool

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The younger generation is more conscious of the environmental impact of fast fashion and is choosing to buy secondhand clothes instead of new ones. They love going thrifting and creating their own personal style.

13. Demanding Work/Life Balance

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Zoomers are less willing to sacrifice their personal lives for their careers and push for more flexible working arrangements. They demand 4-day work weeks, remote work, and flexible hours. They've forced companies to re-evaluate their policies and offer more flexibility.  

14. Taking Care of Themselves

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Gen Zers are more health-conscious than other generations. Many choose to adopt plant-based diets, practice yoga and meditation, and prioritize going to the gym. They recognize the importance of self-care and have made it a priority in their lives.

15. They Drink Less

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Gen Z generally drinks less than other generations. They're more aware of the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse, and many choose to avoid it altogether. This generation is slowly making drinking less and less of a social norm. 

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