15 Popular Things You Won’t Remember to Use After You Buy Them

Do you actually use every single item you purchase? So many popular items that we buy eventually end up on a shelf collecting dust. Here are some of the most popular things people buy but rarely use:

1. Exercise Equipment

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We've all had that moment when we think the latest home gym equipment is what we need to get in shape. But the truth is, exercise equipment is only useful if you have the motivation to use it. Before buying the latest home exercise gadget, think about what you enjoy doing and what you can commit to doing.

2. Books

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Book hoarding is a real thing. Many of us have shelves and shelves of books that we've bought with the intention of reading but have yet to get around to it. If your ‘to be read' pile is a mile long, take it one book at a time. You'll eventually go through them all.

3. Planners

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Planners are another item that many of us buy with good intentions, only to abandon them after a few weeks. We might plan on keeping track of every appointment, meeting, and task, but sometimes life gets in the way. If the daily planner doesn't work, try switching to a weekly or digital planner.

4. Subscriptions

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There's been a massive boom in the popularity of subscription services in recent years. It's so easy to sign up for a subscription service and then completely forget about it. Regularly review your subscriptions to ensure you only pay for the ones you need.

5. Cookbooks

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The possibility of trying out all of the new recipes in a cookbook is enticing. Still, it's an item that people often forget about. With how easily accessible recipes are online, unless you're committed to trying the recipes in your cookbook, it will most likely collect dust on the bookshelf.

6. Single-Purpose Kitchen Gadgets

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It might have seemed like a good idea to purchase that waffle iron, cake pop maker, or hot dog toaster when you first saw it, and now they're hardly ever used. While they can be fun, single-use kitchen gadgets typically occupy valuable space in our kitchens and don't give enough bang for your buck. 

7. Souvenirs

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It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new place and want to bring home a piece of it with you. Some people spend money on souvenirs from their travels only to abandon them at the back of a shelf, forgotten. While it's nice to have a reminder of a trip, it's also okay to skip the souvenir shop and enjoy the experience.

8. Cable 

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When was the last time you actually watched cable TV? With so many online streaming services, cable television is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Yet, many people still spend money on a monthly cable subscription they don't need. Before the next bill is due, ask yourself if you need this service.

9. Formal Clothes

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It feels good to dress up for a special occasion, but how often do you wear those formal clothes afterward? These clothes usually hang in our closets for years until the next wedding or special occasion comes along. Next time, consider renting an outfit or selling yours on an online social marketplace.

10. Extended Warranty

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Companies love to offer extended warranties to make extra money on your purchase. But in most cases, you don't ever end up needing it. Next time a company offers you an extended warranty, think twice before getting it. 

11. New Musical Instrument

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Have you ever had the urge to buy a musical instrument with plans on learning how to play it? Many of us buy musical instruments that we never end up using. Learning to play an instrument is a commitment, so make sure it's something you want before investing in it.

12. Gym Membership

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It's probably safe to say that most people have found themselves walking into a gym and walking out with a membership that remains unused. You had the right intentions, but committing to the gym is challenging. Before canceling your membership, head down to the gym and find out what options are available. There might actually be a class you're interested in.

13. Baby Products

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New parents tend to go overboard while buying baby products. Little ones have so many unique needs that parents try their best to fulfill. But babies grow quickly; before you know it, they've already outgrown everything. Don't be afraid of getting some advice on what you do and don't need for a new baby.

14. Pet Toys

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Gifting your furry friend with a new toy can be so exciting. But as quickly as they fall in love with playing with the toys, they tend to lose interest. Pet parents know the fancy toys and gadgets we buy often end up being ignored in favor of the simpler options. 

15. Travel Accessories

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It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a trip and buy all sorts of gadgets and hacks we never use. So many travel items are made to make your trip more enjoyable but are bulky to carry and just get stored away until your next trip. Maybe next time, bring a book from home to pass the time instead. 


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