15 Unrealistic Beauty Standards That Need to Be Left in The Past

Beauty standards over the years are constantly changing, and sometimes, they can be really frustrating. It sometimes seems like every decade, there's a new beauty trend that we're all trying to keep up with. In this blog post, we'll share fifteen of the most ridiculous beauty standards people have had enough of.

1. Flawless, Dewy Skin

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Everyone has blemishes, dry patches, and redness on their skin. Yet, still, we're constantly bombarded with images of people with flawless skin in ads and on social media. Flawless, dewy skin is entirely unrealistic. We need to begin showing off the uniqueness and imperfection of natural skin for a change. 

2. Being Bald

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Balding commonly comes with age, yet society places so much value on having a full head of hair. For people who are balding at a young age, it can be frustrating to feel bad about something they have no control over. 

3. Bouncing Back After a Baby 

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It's so crazy how society expects women to look the exact same way after having a baby. Women's bodies go through so much during pregnancy and childbirth that it's unrealistic to expect them to look the same as they did before. We must start appreciating women's bodies for the amazing things they can do, not just how they look. 

4. All Men to Be Over 6 Feet Tall

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Who decided that 6 feet tall was “the standard” for men? It's frustrating that society expects all men to be over 6 feet tall when that isn't even near the average height for men. It's really unfair to men that we judge them based on something that they have no control over.

5. Women Shouldn't Show Signs of Aging

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Growing old is a blessing and should be something beautiful. Yet, society places so much value on youthfulness that it can make women feel bad about something completely natural. It's impossible to stop the aging process, so why is it expected that we should avoid signs of aging altogether?

6. Women Having No Body Hair

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Society has somehow convinced us that it's not feminine for women to have hair on their bodies. It's completely natural for everyone to have body hair. Yet, there's the expectation that men can have body hair while women shouldn't. It's about time that we normalize body hair on women.

7. Women Shouldn't Have Hip Dips

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Where did the hip dip hate come from? As society has embraced that curvy, full-figured body type, hip dips have become an issue. There have even been several workout routines explicitly created to target hip dips. But they're completely normal and natural; no one should be judged for not having perfectly rounded hips.

8. Women Should Have a Tiny Waist

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No two people are made the same, and while some women have smaller waistlines, some women have naturally wider waists. That's completely okay! Everyone's body is unique, and we should start embracing every body shape rather than promoting one specific body type.

9. Men Should Have Abs

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 Abs are tough to get and even more challenging to maintain. It's frustrating that society places so much value on having a six-pack; it's equally disappointing that this standard usually applies specifically to men. If your goal is to have abs, that's fine, but remember, it's not necessarily an indicator of health.

10. No One Should Have Wrinkles

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Wrinkles are a completely natural part of the aging process as we get older and our skin loses some of its elasticity. Somehow, society has convinced us they're something to be ashamed of. Wrinkles aren't something to be ashamed of or have any insecurity over. Let's celebrate our aging bodies.

11. Perfect, Bright White Teeth

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Society has convinced us that we all need perfect teeth, so much so that people spend thousands of dollars on veneers and other dental treatments. Hollywood and social media have portrayed flawless teeth for years, pressuring people to conform to this standard. 

12. Women Should Have a Thigh Gap

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Thigh gaps are definitely an unrealistic beauty standard. While this might be natural for some women, it isn't for others. Although thigh gaps are a recent trend, they shouldn't be a requirement for attractiveness. There's so much beauty in the diversity of different bodies.

13. No One Should Have Belly Fat

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Regardless of gender, a little belly fat is a normal part of the body. Society has somehow convinced us that belly fat is unattractive or undesirable. Having excess belly fat isn't healthy. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, a little fat under the skin is harmless and normal.  

14. Women Shouldn't Have Cellulite

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No woman chooses to have cellulite, yet they're led to believe that it's completely unattractive to have any cellulite. Most women have cellulite, regardless of their size or shape. It doesn't indicate poor health or fitness and doesn't define your beauty. Instead of worrying about cellulite, focus on feeling comfortable in your skin.

15. Men Shouldn't Have Acne

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So many people around the world struggle with acne. For women, it's easy to cover up any blemishes or acne scars with makeup, but men who don't wear makeup don't have that luxury. It's unfair to judge men over something they would have never chosen for themselves.

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