10 Life-Changing Experiences You Can’t Miss

Every life has its ups and downs. The living journey is a rollercoaster of emotions, from love and joy to loss and sadness. We all experience different things, but there are some things nobody should miss out on.

Recently, a curious internet user asked, “What is something you think every person should experience in their lifetime?” These are some of the best answers given.

1. A Hug Worth Waiting For

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Do you know the power of this hug? Someone suggests that a hug from someone who's been waiting all day to see you is something everyone should experience.

Users agree en masse, with one person describing the one occasion they experienced it. They say the hug was so tight that they fell to the floor and hurt their back, but it was worth it.

2. A Clear Sky Full of Stars

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Another poster points out that looking at a clear sky full of stars is something we should all experience. They elaborate they did it on a beach one night and saw five shooting stars in ten minutes, which amazed them.

Have you shared this experience? Several people agree, and some share similar experiences, such as one at a remote game reserve in South Africa. One user suggests looking at the sky during the peak period of a meteor shower is incredible.

3. Feeling Unconditionally Loved by a Parent

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It's so sad that not everyone experiences this, but, as one notes, it would be lovely if everyone could feel the unconditional love of their parents. This answer hit hard with several respondents, as many agree. Some even shared the trauma they've experienced due to not experiencing love from their parents.

4. Financial Security

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We live in challenging economic times. Products, bills, and services all seem to increase in cost relative to inflation, but salaries don't seem to keep up. Everything costs so much money, and people are struggling to save. That's why some users say it would be nice if everyone could experience financial security in their lifetime.

Another user's response makes a great point. They say financial security doesn't guarantee happiness, but economic turmoil does guarantee unhappiness.

5. Seeing a Total Solar Eclipse

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Several say seeing a total solar eclipse is an essential life experience. One suggests that most people see partial eclipses and wonder, “what's the big deal?” But a total solar eclipse results in around 30 seconds of pure darkness, the air gets cold, and the “incandescent miasma of plasma around this black disc is like nothing you've ever seen in nature.” Beautifully described.

Those who have experienced the phenomena agree in their responses. For example, someone says they drove for six hours to view a total eclipse in 2017, and it was the most spectacular thing they have ever seen.

6. Living Alone

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Have you ever lived entirely alone? One user says that living alone and spending time with yourself for long periods is essential, as it can teach you invaluable lessons about becoming an adult.

Another provides some great examples of those lessons. They include how to get chores done, cook for one (and efficiently use leftovers), get to grips with loneliness, and avoid letting boredom set in.

7. One Month in Customer Service

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Presumably, this answer comes from someone who works or has worked in customer service. They explain everyone should experience one month of doing a customer-facing job.

While they haven't elaborated, others have; with one noting, it will teach you not to be horrible to people doing their jobs. Someone else agrees, saying, “that's exactly what I got from it.”

8. A Snow Day as a Child

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Snow days were the best days for those who rarely experienced them as a child! Several adults agree that having a snow day as a child is the most beautiful thing ever, and everyone should experience it.

Another user says staying home in the snow and going outside to see everything covered in white is magical. Meanwhile, an Aussie poster said they used to get days off when it was too hot, but the widespread use of air conditioning has stopped that.

9. A Massage

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According to one, a relaxing massage of the back, thighs, legs, and feet has to be experienced because it's genuinely refreshing and makes you feel new and energized.

Several users agree. One states that having initially found it hard to feel comfortable getting massaged, it's now an experience that makes them feel so much healthier after.

10. The Unconditional Love of a Dog or Cat

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Several users admit that feeling the unconditional love of a dog, cat, or both is something everyone should experience. A fur baby lover specifies that the unconditional love of a rescue dog or cat is extraordinary.

These answers prompted many responses from animal lovers, with one typing how gratifying it is as their cat sleeps on their lap.

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