People Who Want to Look Cool Will Pretend to Have These 15 Things 

Have you ever noticed how some people will do absolutely anything to look cool? From their style to behavior and the things they own, some people try their hardest to create a specific image of themself; some people will even pretend. In an online discussion, people shared the things people pretend to have to seem cool, and the following are the top fifteen.  


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Social media is such a massive part of our lives that having a huge following is seen as a status symbol. People who want to look cool will buy fake followers or use bots to inflate their numbers. While this doesn’t mean they’re truly popular or influential, it only matters if other people think they are. 

2. Vapes

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Many people think it’s an easy way to look cool and edgy, and there are plenty of different flavors and devices to choose from. However, some people who vape are just doing it to fit in with a particular crowd and might not even enjoy it, but they do it because they think it will make them look cool. 

3. Trauma

With social media making everyone so much more connected, many people seek validation from strangers online. Some people will pretend to have experienced trauma or hardship to appear more exciting or sympathetic. They might even exaggerate or lie about their experiences to gain attention or admiration. 

4. Money

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Wealth has long been associated with having power and status. Many people who want to look cool will often pretend to have a lot more money than they actually do. They’ll often boast about how much money they’ve made or how much they have in their bank account to impress others. 

5. Designer Products

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Wearing designer clothes, shoes, and accessories is another common way people try to look cool. Well-known brands like Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton are often seen as the brands the rich wear, and people will go to great lengths to get them. Some people will even buy dupes and try to pass them off as authentic designer clothing. 

6. Mental Disorder

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It’s really concerning that some people will pretend to have mental disorders to appear more interesting or receive sympathy from others. Social media has made it really common for people to pretend to suffer from depression or anxiety. Some people even take it a step further and pretend to be neurodivergent, claiming they have autism, ADHD, or Tourette syndrome. This is both disrespectful and perpetuates harmful stereotypes. 

7. Apple Products

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Many people still believe Apple products are a way to show off. iPhones, MacBooks, and other Apple devices are often seen as devices used by the cool crowd. But these devices are often quite expensive, and some people would prefer to lie or pretend they have an Apple device to seem trendy. 

8. Long Distance Partner

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I think we’ve all met someone constantly talking about their significant other who lives in another state or country that somehow no one has ever met. Some people pretend to be in a long-distance relationship to make themselves seem more desirable or escape the embarrassment of admitting they’re single. Some even go as far as posting fake pictures online to make them seem more believable. 

9. Internet Clout

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Social media has such a huge influence on our lives that so many people want to become internet famous these days. They will do all sorts of things to get more followers or likes, including telling lies, staging photos, or even pretending to be someone they’re not. 

10. Luxury Cars

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People who want to give off the vibe that they’re cool and wealthy will pretend to own expensive luxury vehicles. They might rent a fancy car for the day to show it off, or they might even take pictures of someone else’s car and pretend it’s theirs. 

11. Friends

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Loneliness is a serious problem in our society. So many people struggle because they don’t have friends, while others would prefer that they do. They might talk about parties they’ve attended, dinners they’re invited to, and adventures they have planned, but they might not have any close friends. 

12. Confidence

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Some people have no problems with the saying, “Fake it til you make it.” They will pretend to be confident and self-assured even when they’re not. They might act like they know exactly what they’re doing or talking about, but they might feel nervous and unsure. 

13. Humility

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Can you believe some people will fake humility? Some people will intentionally downplay their abilities or knowledge to get compliments and praise from others. They rely on the validation of others to feel good about themselves, and it doesn’t matter if they have to fake incompetence. 

14. Mansion

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The average person can’t afford to live in a mansion; some people will go to great lengths to pretend they have a mansion. They might take pictures in front of someone else’s house or even rent a fancy Airbnb to make it seem like they’re taking pictures at home.

15. Glasses

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People with poor eyesight often complain that they’re forced to constantly wear glasses or contacts. On the other hand, some people pretend to wear glasses because they think it makes them look cool. They might wear fake glasses with non-prescription lenses but claim they’re prescription glasses.


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