15 Surprising Jobs That Make Millions

We often hear about the lifestyle of the rich and famous but not so much about what they do for a living. In an online forum, people shared what the wealthiest people they know do for a living. The following are fifteen occupations that have allowed people to make millions.

1. COBOL Programmer

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COBOL is an old programming language that was popular back in the day, and because it's not as popular as newer languages, there's a high demand for programmers who know how to use it. Someone shared that a family friend retired after being a COBOL programmer for thirty years, and about two years after his retirement, a company tried to recruit him. He requested a salary of $1.5 million per year and was hired on the spot.

2. Runs an IT Company

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If you're able to create a successful business and then sell it for a profit, you can become incredibly wealthy. One man shared that the richest person he knows built an IT company and then sold it for several hundred million dollars. He now runs a company that does the same kind of IT services in a different field. 

3. Pig Farmer

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Pig farming can be a very profitable business, especially if you're able to breed and sell high-quality pigs. Someone shared how their father's friend was a pig farmer who lived in a modest farmhouse. After visiting him and his wife, the pig farmer sent them a check covering the tuition for his out-of-state university.

4. Owner of a Factory 

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Factories are essential in the manufacturing industry, and owning one can be a very lucrative business. Someone shared that they know someone who inherited a small factory from his father and then developed it into a massive nationwide company. They still go to work there every day despite being worth hundreds of millions. 

5. Owner of a Conveyor Belt Business

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Conveyor belt businesses are also popular among the wealthy. These businesses provide conveyor belts for manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and other industrial settings. Someone remarked that the wealthiest person they know owns their own conveyor belt business and makes almost two million dollars a year after it's all said and done. 

6. Truck Driver

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Truck drivers might not be the first job that comes to mind when you think of the wealthiest people in the world, but some truck drivers make a lot of money. One man shared that the wealthiest person he knows is a truck driver who eventually started his own trucking company.  

7. CFO of a Large Company

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CFOs are responsible for managing the financial operations of a company. Someone shared that they know the CFO of a large public company who works 80-hour weeks and makes a lot of money. 

8. CEO of a Successful Games Company

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Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry. One man shared that the wealthiest person he knows is the founder and CEO of a very successful games company. They met over a decade ago when the company was successful, and it has since considerably increased in value. 

9. Owner of a Large Construction Company

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Construction is a massively lucrative industry to own a business in. Someone shared that they know someone who owns a large construction company based in rural NZ. They employ heaps of people, are very generous to their home town, humble too. 

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10. Early Investor in Tesla

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Early investors have the foresight to see the potential of a new technology and reap the rewards when the company takes off. Someone shared that their friend got lucky with TSLA. They invested early and retired at thirty-five as a multi-millionaire. They currently own a bar in San Diego to stay busy. 

11. Laboratory Medical Director

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Laboratory medical directors are one of the wealthiest occupations in the world. Someone remarked that a laboratory medical director is the wealthiest person they know and that she earns $500,000 annually. 

12. Fine Art Framing

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Fine art framing is a niche field, but those who are able to establish themselves in this industry can make a fortune. The wealthiest person one woman knows does fine art framing. They frame artwork for museums and millionaires and frame presidential portraits.  

13. Invest in Companies

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Investing in companies is another way that the wealthiest people make their money. Someone shared that they worked with someone who was already rich enough to invest $10M into the company they were a salesperson for. When the company went public, it multiplied the investment. He still invests in more companies and turns a massive profit.

14. Day Trader

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Day trading can be risky, but those who can do it successfully can make a lot of money. One person shared that the wealthiest person they know is a day trader who got ridiculously lucky one week. He's been able to pay off all his family's debts and still has a few hundred million left. He still day-trades, but now with bigger money and bigger profits.

15. House Flipping

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Flipping homes has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and can make a significant profit. Someone shared that they know someone who buys properties, modernizes them, adds all of the trendy design elements, and then sells the home. The last house they purchased was $2 million and was flipped for over $6 million.


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