10 Guilty Pleasures Australians Confessed to Spending Money On

The world of guilty pleasures is obscure and bizarre. These 10 confessions will help you feel better about your spending habits ranging from that extensive video game collection to the unread books on the shelf. 

1. Tie-ing the Knot with Neckwear

It all started when one person began wearing neckties to a workplace that recommended doing so. Slowly, this initial job requirement morphed into a thrill and, eventually, an addiction. They were knot kidding around. With so many neckties, you'd be left tongue-tied. 

2. Embracing Your Inner Crazy Chicken Lady

These backyard birds are a clucking good time. Their silly antics and feathered charm make it hard not to feel happy in their company. Soon enough, you'll find yourself in a similar position as this one user who now owns nine chickens just for kicks and giggles.

3. The Car That's Worth More Than Your House

Money may not buy happiness, but it can buy a really cool spoiler. Someone admitted that modifying their cars broke the bank. If it brings you joy, go ahead and pimp that ride. 

4. Saving Your Sanity, One Warhammer Figurine At a Time

When life drives you crazy, sometimes you just need to travel to the warzone. Collecting Warhammer 40,000 figures is a battle worth fighting. Someone confessed to buying an embarrassingly high number of figures whenever they felt they were on the verge of insanity.

5. Holiday Spending: Your Financial Kryptonite

When you're on vacation, the world is your oyster. And as long as you don't go too crazy with the spending, you'll have plenty of pearls of wisdom to share.

It's hard not to go haywire when you find a decent hotel to crash in, but some folks commented on maxing out their credit cards when on vacation; that's when you know you've got to draw the line.

6. Horsing Around

This one person's paddock pony may be retired, but she still brings joy and fulfillment to her owner's life. And at $500 a year, she's a steal compared to other hobbies. Who needs financial responsibility when you can have a pony and live the Barbie dream?

7. Jamming Up Your Pantry

Imagine a shortage of jams in your local market all because of one person. This person has a severe case of jam-nesia, as they forget how many different jars of jam they've already collected. In any case, at least they'll be good at jam trivia. 

8. Ink It ‘Til You Make It

According to one person, if you get enough tattoos, you will probably not need a personality when you have a canvas. Just make sure to keep track of all your ink-spired purchases.

9. The Art Addiction Spiral

It's like Christmas every time you buy a new supply, even if it's not actually Christmas. One person confessed to being an art addict, always seeking out new mediums to explore. We're talking about lino printing, watercolors, gouache, and much more! Think of it as a never-ending canvas of possibilities. 

10. Designer Dream on a Budget

Designer addiction is real, but as one person put it, it's hard to justify the cost when cheaper Coco Republic knock-offs exist. But hey, at least they have good taste.

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