10 Dreams That May Forever Be Unattainable!

Have you ever dreamed of accomplishing something that seems almost impossible? There are many things that people want to do in their lifetime, but it's doubtful they will achieve them. Several people shared in an online discussion the things they want to do in their lifetime that might be hard to achieve.

1. Visit Antarctica

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“I want to see Antarctica,” one man shared. “There are many places I want to go, but Antarctica and the North Pole are my most desired ones because they're melting and might be gone in my lifetime. I don't want to miss seeing their beauty,” someone replied. As we all know, the ice caps are melting; it might not be long before Antarctica loses its beauty before many of us have had the chance to see it.

2. Own a Home

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Owning a home can be challenging, especially if you live in a country or city where real estate prices are skyrocketing. Many people don't believe they'll be able to afford their own home. “Owning a house with a decent acreage with it,” one man remarked. 

3. Teach at a University

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For many people, there’s something about teaching that’s so fulfilling. But given the highly competitive nature of this career, the chances of getting this job are slim. “Become a teacher at a university. That's kind of my dream job, but the chances of it happening are slim to none due to how hard and competitive it is,” one man commented. 

4. Become a Famous Author

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“Become a famous author. I've already self-published two books. I'm working on a third that I hope will be the one that lands me an agent,” one writer shared. Writing a book and getting it published is challenging. But publishing a book that becomes a bestseller is an even more unlikely accomplishment.

5. Own a Successful Restaurant

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The restaurant business is notoriously difficult, and most restaurants fail within the first few years of operation. “Open my own successful restaurant. The starting capital is huge, and only 1/5 ever survive their first few years of trading.”

6. Climb Mount Everest

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Climbing Mount Everest is a common goal for mountaineers. It's a challenging and dangerous climb that only a few people have ever accomplished. “Climb Everest. I was a mountaineer, and I'd like to sprinkle my wife's ashes on the summit,” a widower shared.

7. Learn Another Language

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“I want to be able to speak German, Polish, and another language fluently,” someone said. Many people aspire to speak multiple languages fluently, but it takes a lot of work to achieve.

8. Become a Park Ranger

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Although many would love to be a park ranger, it's highly competitive, and only some get this opportunity. “I want to be a park ranger. I know it won't happen, so I substitute with hiking local trails frequently. Every once in a great while, I find someone who needs a hand or some water and a snack. I always carry extra.”

9. Write a Feature Film

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“I'm an amateur screenplay writer. I have written a few features and a ton of shorts over the last 12 years. I would love to see one of my scripts discovered and filmed,” one writer shared. Unfortunately, this is a challenging and highly competitive field, and only a few people succeed.

10. Travel to Outer Space

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“Go to outer space,” someone said. “You and I both, brother,” another man replied. Traveling to space is a dream many people have. Still, given the cost and the limited number of people who have been to outer space thus far, it seems highly unlikely.

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