10 Monthly Subscriptions that Are Not a Wate of Money 

Over the years, almost every business sector has some subscription service. You have Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, The New York Times, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and so much more. Every subscription is unique since it offers different things to the consumers. Here are some monthly subscriptions people find to be the best investment.

1. Gym Membership 

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Health and fitness are integral parts of people’s lives. Many people consider their gym membership an investment in their health. You have different options when you sign up for a membership. If you pay $10 for a month to go to the gym, that is a fabulous deal. If you go to the gym 20 days a month and pay only $10 for the month, that is a steal. 

2. Costco

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With the cost of groceries and household items quickly rising, everyone wants a place to shop for the best deals. Costco offers many products in bulk that are cheaper than your regular stores. Many people love Costco because of the price. 

3. Amazon Prime

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Everyone needs Amazon Prime since everything is on the app and it offers free two-day shipping. If you need something very quickly but don’t have the time to go get it, ordering from Amazon Prime saves you time and money. For people who don’t like to waste time, Amazon Prime is your friend. 

4. Spotify 

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For many, music is an escape. However, it's so annoying to sit through ads every few songs! That is why people invest in Spotify so they can listen to songs or podcasts while they exercise or work. With a large library of music, people find it to be the best subscription to have. 

5. Streaming Services 

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If you love to watch movies and shows, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Max, or others are worth the money. You can watch without commercials and your favorite shows or movies anytime. 

6. The Cloud

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If you've ever experienced that dreadful moment when your computer crashes and you lose all your files, you know the importance of cloud storage. It's become something people can’t live without. These days you want to store all your digital files in a safe place where you can go back to find them. 

7. Password Manager

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With many accounts, services, and subscriptions people have, it can be difficult to remember all your passwords. Investing in a password manager can help you save money from investing in a VPN. You can keep everything organized and keep yourself safe online. 

8. Classes

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If you want to learn for fun, invest in yourself, or want to improve your skills, you can pick up classes. You have dance, cooking, digital marketing, pilates, and other classes you can choose from. Every city and state offers different classes, or you can go online to find classes that you want to join. 

9. Cleaning Services 

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A month can pass in a blink of an eye. People who run businesses are often busy every day of the week. When they are constantly working, they don’t have time to clean their homes so they invest in cleaning services. If you want to save time, investing in a house cleaner is worth the money since you get your time back. 

10. Youtube Premium 

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Many people love to watch videos without ads disrupting them. With YouTube Premium, you can listen to music and watch videos without ads and download videos or music for your long road trips. People find YouTube Premium worth it if they are on YouTube a lot. 


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