15 Peculiar Habits of The Wealthy

Once you reach a certain income level, you start doing things differently from the average person. In an online discussion, former employees of multimillionaires and billionaires revealed the strange habits they noticed working alongside their wealthy bosses. Here are the top fifteen. 

1. Expect to Be Catered To

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Most people are raised believing they shouldn't be entitled or expect others to cater to their every whim. On the other hand, the extremely wealthy just expect everyone to cater to them. One woman shared how she was surprised by the decisiveness and confidence of one rich woman at a restaurant. The woman requested a meal that wasn't on the menu that day and asked for her coffee exactly how she wanted it. The average person wouldn't even consider asking for anything not being served. 

2. Buy New Clothes Wherever They Go

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Anyone traveling would spend hours preparing for their trip and ensuring they had all the necessary clothes. But according to one man, his wealthy boss would travel every few weeks and would prefer to buy new clothes wherever he went instead of packing a bag. He added that he would throw away the clothes when ready to leave. 

3. Have No Social Barriers

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People often pay close attention to who and where they should present themselves. However, according to one anonymous person, the wealthy have no fear when addressing anyone. They have no social barriers and often exude confidence regardless of who they're speaking to. 

4. They Don't Drive Themselves

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A lot of people think having fancy cars is a sign of wealth, but the truth is that the real sign that someone is ultra-wealthy is whether they have a driver. Many multimillionaires and billionaires don't drive themselves. One man shared that his friend's father picked up an investor at the airport, and the man was fascinated with the front seat of the Rolls Royce. Not because he had never seen one but because it was his first time sitting in the front seat. 

5. They're Extremely Time Efficient

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Multimillionaires and billionaires have so much on their plates that they can't afford to waste any time. One employee shared that during a meeting with the owner of the company where he worked, there was no time for pleasantries; the meeting began precisely on schedule and only lasted thirty minutes. 

6. They Work Nonstop

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You'd be wrong if you think the wealthy are relaxing and enjoying their money. Many ultra-rich people are working nonstop. One man working closely with several multimillionaires and billionaires said they have no boundary between workday, holiday, or weekend. They will check emails, make calls, and get work done whenever needed, regardless of where they are. 

7. Incredible Attention to Detail

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Highly successful people have incredible attention to detail. They ask several questions and want to understand every small detail. One woman shared that the billionaire she works for has incredible critical thinking skills and will hone in on any small detail that needs to be clarified. 

8. They're Always Thinking About Money

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One woman shared that the wealthy people she works with always think about money. They see money as a plant that needs to be constantly nurtured and cared for. They often place so much importance on their businesses that it's almost as important to them as their own children. 

9. View Time as an Asset

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The most valuable resource to multimillionaires and billionaires is time. They view life through the lens of time spent as opposed to anything else; anything that can save them time or unnecessary effort is worth whatever the price. 

10. Difficulty With Interpersonal Relationships

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The average person might think that having a lot of money gives you more freedom to spend time with loved ones, but many ultra-wealthy struggle with maintaining interpersonal relationships. One woman who works with wealthy people noticed that their children and partners are often neglected while they pursue wealth. 

11. They Have Staff for Everything

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Unlike the average person, the ultra-wealthy typically has several people working for them and handling their day-to-day affairs. One woman shared that she works for a billionaire with hundreds of staff with full-time jobs dedicated to different aspects of his personal life, like housekeeping staff, pilots, chefs, personal assistants, and more.

12. They Don't Take No For an Answer

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We're all taught that no is a complete sentence, and we're expected to take ‘no' for an answer. But for the ultra-wealthy, they aren't used to hearing that something can't be done. According to one employee, they often see obstacles as things that can be overcome for the right price. 

13. Failure Doesn't Deter Them

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Multimillionaires and billionaires don't let failure worry them. One employee commented that they reframe, ignore, learn from it, and then move on. Many of them don't have any self-doubt and are highly confident. 

14. Don't Make New Friends

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One woman shared that the ultra-rich struggle to make new friends. She explained how she befriended a billionaire because she proved to him that she was more interested in him as a person as opposed to his money. Unlike the average person, billionaires and multimillionaires worry about people only liking them for money.

15. Always Plan for the Longterm

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According to one man, the ultra-rich are playing the long game. While many of us look at the long-term results of our actions, the wealthy are more focused on the results over 5-10 years, and they view the short-term as a way to track the long-term.

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