14 Surprisingly Simple Life Hacks That Will Change Your Daily Routine

Everyone loves hacks, tips, and tricks that make life easier. With only 24 hours in a day, you want to use your time efficiently and enjoy time for yourself. Life hacks are secret keys to doing things better, saving time and often money in the process. They often involve using items or resources you have in creative ways. Here are some life hacks you should try to make your life easier.  

1. Write Down Good Ideas

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Have you ever had a great idea, but you forgot about it because you didn’t write it down? This happens all the time! The easiest way to avoid this is to write down your good ideas when you have them because there is so much your brain can remember. You could carry a small notebook, save it in your phone's notes app, or schedule a text to be delivered to yourself at a more convenient time.

2. Put a Ribbon on your Luggage 

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When you go to get your luggage at the baggage reclaim area, it can be difficult to identify it if you have to look at thirty or more different ones. A great hack is to tie a ribbon on your luggage so you know that it belongs to you. It can be a bright color or a pattern. 

3. Use Heat to Stop Itchy Bites

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Mosquitoes and other insect bites can be so uncomfortable! One quick life hack to reduce the itch from a bite is to heat a metal spoon under semi-hot water, dry it off, then press or tap the spoon against the bite. You should do this for as long as you can tolerate it. Ensure the spoon isn't too hot and won't burn your skin. After that, see if you still feel itchy or not. 

4. Don't Take Advice From the Internet

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The internet has connected people with others around the world, allowing them to share their thoughts, feelings, and advice. However, this also means it's easy for them to access harmful information from people who don't know any better. You should always take any advice you find online with a grain of salt. Not everyone in the world is a good person. 

5. Use Dance Heels

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Heels are known to be beautiful but also notoriously uncomfortable. If you want to wear a comfortable pair of high heels, you need to invest in a pair of dance heels. These are made to be flexible, comfortable, and lightweight on the dancers' feet. Compared to regular heels, dance heels are designed for aesthetics and provide support. 

6. Identifying Different Keys

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If you have a bulky set of keys that look alike, this life hack will save you time. Most keys look copper, gold, or silver unless you make a fancy copy with pictures or patterns. If you struggle to distinguish the set of keys, you need to paint it with nail polish. You’ll be surprised how it can help you save time.

7. Muffin Pan for Condiments

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If you are having a party or BBQ day but don’t want to wash a lot of dishes, you need to start using a muffin tin for your condiments. If you have multiple condiments for your guests, you can use a 12-cup muffin pan to hold all your condiments. It holds 12 condiments and keeps them organized for your guests. 

8. Skip Directly to Online Recipes

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If you look at many recipes online, you've noticed you have to read through paragraphs of personal stories before you get to the recipe. One simple trick is to click the print link so you'll only see the important information and the recipe. You could also save it as a PDF or bookmark the link to the printable version. 

9. Add Water to the Carafe

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One simple life hack for coffee lovers to improve the taste of their coffee is to add about an ounce of water to the carafe when you're about to make coffee. This will prevent the first bit of coffee from burning and affecting its flavor.

10. The 5-Minute Rule

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The five-minute rule is a simple life hack that everyone should add to daily routines. The rule is simple: if you have something that needs to be done and it can be done within five minutes, you should always do it immediately. If you do it, you don’t have to worry about it later since it was done quickly. 

11. Wash Socks in A Mesh Bag

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It's so frustrating to lose your socks in the laundry. One easy way to keep your socks from going missing is to wash all your socks in a mesh garment bag. This keeps them together and prevents them from getting lost in the washer. It also makes it much easier to put them away. 

12. The Power of Toilet Paper Roll

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During Christmas, you might buy a lot of wrapping paper to wrap gifts. The problem with wrapping paper is that it tends to unroll itself. To prevent that from happening, you can cut a toilet paper roll in half and use it as a cuff to keep it from unrolling. 

13. Hair Clip to Organize Wires 

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If you have many long cords in your home and can’t seem to keep them from getting tangled, try using a hair clip to keep them from unraveling. They are easy to clip on and off and come in different sizes if you need a bigger clip for a thicker cord. 

14. Use a Tong to Squeeze Lemon

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If you don’t have a lemon squeezer, you can use a tong to help you make lemon water. Grab a kitchen tong, open it, put the lemon inside, and start squeezing the lemon. You don’t need to buy a lemon squeezer if you have a tong at home. 


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