10 High-Paying Careers That May Stress You Silly

Many jobs may be considered dream careers to some. However, some people wouldn't dare to apply. According to a recent forum discussion, there are specific jobs that people would not do even if they were offered a whopping $150k a month. Money might be a great motivator, but some jobs are not worth it, no matter how much you're getting paid. 

1. Underwater Ocean Welder

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“Underwater ocean welding,” one man said. Imagine working in the ocean's depths, welding metal structures in treacherous conditions; many couldn't be convinced to take this risk. According to one woman, “A guy I went to school with went into underwater welding. He died on his very first job. They couldn't pay me enough to do it.”

2. Cave Diver

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While exploring caves sounds adventurous, the darkness, the confined spaces, and the uncertainty lurking in every corner are a nightmare. “Cave diving,” an anonymous person commented. “I'm with you on that. I can't think of anything more terrifying,” a woman added.

3. Beekeeper

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“Beekeeper. I'm allergic to bees,” someone said. Honey might be delicious, but it's not worth the risk of swollen eyes and life-threatening reactions, regardless of the salary. Can you imagine yourself being surrounded by bees all day every day?

4. Concentration Camp Guard

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“Concentration camp guard,” someone remarked. The emotional toll of working in this setting would be unimaginable. No amount of money could justify being a part of such a dark and horrifying place. 

5. Surgeon

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While doctors save lives and are real-life heroes, being a surgeon comes with immense responsibility. The pressure of making life-and-death decisions every day would be too much for most people to handle. “Surgeon,” one individual commented. “I couldn't handle someone's life or death depending on me not making a mistake.” 

6. Child Oncologist

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“Child oncology.” An anonymous person stated, “I grew up seeing death aplenty in the medical setting. It was the parents I couldn't handle,” they continued. Witnessing illness and death is challenging for anyone, but it's even more heartbreaking when it's children. It takes a special kind of strength to support families going through this pain; not everyone is cut out for it.

7. Slaughterhouse Worker

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“Slaughterhouse worker,” one person said. The job of a slaughterhouse worker is undoubtedly one of the most gruesome and emotionally taxing occupations out there. The sight, smell, and sounds would haunt many people long after the workday has ended.

8. Medical Professional

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“Medical professional.” Someone said, “Anything to do with medical care where I would regularly encounter blood, vomit, or poop,” they continued. Even if you work in the medical field, encountering blood, vomit, or feces can be unbearable for some. A clinical photographer shared, “Agree with this, though I see patients as a clinical photographer. The worst thing is the smell of feces.”

9. Debt Collector

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Money might be the incentive for becoming a debt collector, but it doesn't mean the job is pleasant. “Debt collector,” someone said. “I was a debt collector. The more money I made, the more I hated it,” they added.

10. Teacher

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While teaching is a noble profession, with the commitment, patience, and dedication required to be a good teacher, it's not for everyone. “Teacher,” a former teacher said. “Been there, done that for a whole lot less per month for twelve years. I'm out now, and you couldn't pay me enough to go back into the classroom.” 

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