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Make Yourself Stand Out with These Spring Makeup Trends

It’s spring, and you know what that means – time for a new spring makeup look. Before going to Ulta or Sephora, you want to know the makeup trends. These days, the trends seem to be moving at lightning speed. With access to TikTok and Instagram driving the newest eyebrow trends, eyeshadow colors, and foundation techniques, it can be hard to decide what is trending and what is a viral moment. Now that it’s spring, everyone wants to have a new makeover. 

Following the newest makeup trends is part of staying in tune with fashion. To stay on top of trends, you must look to influencers, celebrities, and the products they swear by. Let’s cover the best makeup looks this year! 

Makeup Looks to Get Into Right Now

Glitter, Glitter, and More Glitter

Like the 2005 Justin Timberlake hit, “What Goes Around Comes Around,” the same goes for makeup trends! Lately, the focus on eyes is super Y2K, early 2000s glitter grunge. With sparkly eye products on the rise, you will become obsessed with glittery and sparkly colors.

Glitter, especially combined with dark eyeliner, is the top spring makeup trend, as 2000s-era shimmer takes fashion and makeup by storm. Consider trying pastel eyeshadow to the mix to look ahead to these returning trends.

The No Makeup Look

The no-makeup look has been a trend for years, but it is here to stay now. Instead of caking the face with foundation, people want their makeup to look like their actual skin. The more makeup you put on, the more unnatural it’ll look. More people are looking for ways to show off their facial features instead of masking them.  

When you look at Tik Tok star Addison Rae is a fan of her natural look and focuses on her glowing complexion. Another person who is known to show off her radiant, natural-looking skin is no other than the singer and actress, Zendaya. Whether it’s a new blush, mascara, eyeliner, or foundation, you want to dress to impress others with a natural look and a fascinating outfit. 

Blush is the New Contour

To enhance your makeup look, you should add blush. As a derivative of the 2000s heavy blush trend, blush as contour highlights the cheekbones and forehead with brightly colored blush. The technique is to put blush right above where you usually put contour and let this assumed shadow speak for itself.

The name of the game in blush these days is cream blush products which help to keep the glow of your skin. So, skip the dark contour and try using blush as a contouring technique when you do your makeup next! Remember to stick to the high points and don’t be afraid to have a heavier hand. 

Don’t Fear Color on the Eyes

Don’t be afraid of using colors! When you add colors to your eyes, people will not stop looking at your eyes. Your eyes will be the main feature everyone look at. Even if natural colors may be your comfort zone, a little color will not hurt you. Once you try something new, you’ll become more confident in yourself. Whether it’s green, blue, pink, or purple eyeshadow, it is the norm, and these soft pastel colors are super trendy in fashion. 

Made popular by TikTok and Instagram, this trend can be thought of as an “anti-trend,” with typically avoided colors rallying out against plain neutral looks. The perfect eyeshadow looks, according to those online, consist of a bright color and a metallic shimmer to pop. Look to celebrities like Doja Cat and Lizzo for inspiration here. In fact, Lizzo’s Grammys glam ticks off every single spring makeup trend on this list. 

Lashes Out

For spring, the trends still point to big, fluffy eyelashes to pair with bright eyeshadow looks. Although the focus is on more natural skin, large lashes are still in fashion. In fact, they are so much in fashion that there was recently an entire scandal over mascara and false lashes with TikTok influencer Mikalya Nogueira!

Whether you buy affordable or expensive lashes, makeup users can still achieve this look. Ultimately, fake lashes are not for everyone and may not be appropriate for an everyday makeup look. A good quality mascara can produce similar results if applied correctly. 

Which Makeup Trends will you be Doing This Spring? 

2000s makeup has returned to 2023. Some may welcome this change, but others may be reluctant to return to old trends. Makeup is a great outlet for creative expression, so even if you don’t plan on wearing the spring trends daily, you can still have fun testing these out at home! Don’t overthink, and just try out all the possibilities!

Now that you know all the rising makeup trends for the spring season, which ones are you planning to add to your makeup routine? 

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