15 Brutally Honest Truths About Adulthood After 25 That No One Tells You

Adulthood has its perks, but it's also so much more challenging than you realize when you're younger. For most people, 25 is when they begin to learn the real lessons of adulthood. According to an online discussion, here are 15 brutally honest truths about adulthood after 25 that no one tells you.

1. You Have To Save Yourself

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You're the only one who's responsible for your happiness and well-being. You have to take control of your life and not rely on others to do it for you. One woman shared, “No one is going to save you. You have to save yourself.” 

2. You Have to Be A Bit Selfish and Protect Yourself

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You can't always be there for others at the expense of your own health or happiness. You have to set boundaries, say no, and prioritize your needs. A woman commented, “There's only so much effort you can put into other people before you have to start being a bit selfish and protect yourself.”

3. Always Leave a Papertrail 

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Keep emails, text messages, and voice recordings to prove what was said or done. It's better to have a paper trail to fall back on than to rely on in case you're in a he-said-she-said situation. One man shared, “If your employer is doing something illegal or unethical and you decide to confront them about it, do it in a way that all communication will leave a paper trail.”

4. Failure is Always a Possibility 

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No matter how hard you try, sometimes things won't work out. You have to learn to accept that failure is a part of life and learn from it. Someone remarked, “You can do everything right and still fail.” 

5. You Have To Put Effort Into Adult Friendships

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Unlike childhood friendships, adult friendships take effort to maintain. Sometimes, it means scheduling time to hang out, checking in on each other, and giving each other a safe place to vent. One man said, “Your friends from high school or college will disappear if you don't make the effort to stay in touch.” 

6. You Can't Make Someone Love You

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Love can't be forced or manipulated. No matter how much you want them to, you have to accept that not everyone will feel the same way you do. Someone said, “You can't make someone love you by giving them more of what they already don't appreciate.” 

7. Cherish Those You Love

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Life is short, and the people you love won't be around forever. Always show those you love how much you appreciate them. One woman said, “That life can take a loved one at any time, so cherish those you love, make time for family and friends, and tell people you love them often.” 

8. Sometimes, You're the Problem

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It's so easy to blame others for your problems, but sometimes you're the problem. As you age, you'll learn to reflect on your actions and be better. One woman shared, “If the same thing keeps “happening” to you over and over again… It's not everyone else. It's you. You are the common denominator, and there is no conspiracy to ruin your life by the whole world.” 

9. Don't Lie To Your Significant Other

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Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship. Always be honest, even if it makes you uncomfortable. One woman remarked, “Do not lie to your significant other. Have hard conversations and trust them enough to be able to have them with you. Give them a chance, and don't be afraid/avoid doing it in fear of rejection or judgment.” 

10. Speak Up For Yourself

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No one else is going to advocate for you, so it's important to stand up for yourself. Be assertive, express your needs and boundaries, and don't let others take advantage of you. One man commented, “You have to speak up for yourself. No one else will.”

11. Not Every Risk Should Be Taken

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Always evaluate the potential outcomes of every decision before taking action; not every risk should be taken. One man shared, “Sometimes, if you risk it to get the biscuit, you don't get the biscuit, and actually you destroy your life.”

12. You'll Always Be The Villain in Someone's Story

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No matter how good of a person you are, someone will always have a negative opinion of you. Someone shared, “You can bend over backward for everyone, be a doormat, make it your life goal to avoid confrontation, and you're still going to end up being the supervillain in someone's story by the time you hit 30.” 

13. Success Isn't a Guarantee

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Hard work and determination are essential for success, but success is never guaranteed. Don't be discouraged by failure. One man said, “Checking all the boxes required to be successful does not mean you will actually be successful.” 

14. Not Everyone Will Like You

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It's impossible to please everyone, and not everyone will like you. Someone said, “There will be people who just don't like you, who might even detest you. And you will never find out why. They might have even been people you considered friends just yesterday.” 

15. You're Going to Make Mistakes 

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No one is perfect, and mistakes are a part of life. Learn from your mistakes, grow from them, and use them as personal growth opportunities. One man shared, “You're going to have regrets. Things you didn't do as well as you could have. Things you didn't earn. Things you did that you didn't mean to do. Things you didn't do that you wanted to do. Don't waste the present dwelling on the past. Use the regrets as lessons to change your decisions.” 


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