These 15 Things Will Massively Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health is such an essential part of your overall health and wellness. It affects how we function in day-to-day life and can be improved in several different ways. The following are fifteen things that can positively impact your mental health. 

1. Sleep

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Sleep is essential for good mental health. One person shared that they believe it's the single most important determinant of health, and almost no one seems to know or take it seriously. Prioritizing sleep makes everything else in your body work better.

2. Leaving Some People Behind

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Toxic relationships can be draining and cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Remind yourself that it's okay to let go. According to one man, just because you've been close to someone for a while doesn't mean it has to remain that way. Especially if you realize the other person isn't good for you.

3. Regular Exercise

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Regular exercise not only keeps us physically fit but also positively affects our mental state. Exercise releases endorphins, which are natural mood boosters that reduce stress and anxiety. Someone shared that nothing else has as much of a positive effect on their mental state as regular exercise.

4. Spending Less Time on Social Media

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Social media can be highly detrimental to your mental health, especially when used for several hours. One person shared that silencing their activity on social media and replacing their time spent on it with reading books has seriously improved their mental health. 

5. Adopting a Cat 

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Someone remarked how getting a cat seriously improved their mental health. Life gets lonely, especially if you don't have family, a partner, or kids, but having a cat makes life a little easier. They shared how their cat sits with them, and when they need to rant and say all kinds of stuff to him, he just sits there and lets them get everything off their chest. 

6. Connect with Nature

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Nature has a calming effect and can help reduce stress and anxiety. People unfortunately still overlook the importance of nature, or it's hard for many to find nature where they live. One man shared how he took a trip to the mountains and had never felt more relaxed. When he moved near the water, he instantly saw his mental health improve after living in the city for many years. 

7. Embrace Platonic Relationships

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Friends can also love you. According to one woman, knowing that you're loved even if you don't have a romantic partner can improve your mental health and wellbeing. Having healthy relationships with friends and family can improve your sense of belonging. 

8. Taking a Shower First Thing in the Morning

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A shower first thing in the morning sets the tone for your day and prepares you for what's ahead. One person shared that taking a shower as soon as they wake up is a massive help in improving their mental health. It gets the day started and ensures they're not lying around procrastinating everything. 

9. Cycling

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Cycling is an excellent source of exercise that also provides a change of scenery and gets you out of your head. Cycling is also a wonderful sleep regulator, providing a good night's sleep. It also provides a framework for setting goals, which helps with boosting confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

10. Taking a Break

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Someone remarked that, at times, taking a break from friends and family may be necessary for your mental health. Accepting no calls, texts, or emails for a few weeks, maybe more, if necessary, gives you time to focus on yourself. It allows you to recharge, reflect, and prioritize yourself without distractions.

11. Drinking Water

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Drinking water is another way to improve mental health. Dehydration can lead to brain fog and a lack of emotion. One person shared how they've personally suffered from these symptoms, which was resolved when they started drinking lots of water.  

12. Living in the moment

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Living in the moment is another excellent way to improve mental health. Someone shared how depression seems driven by the past, and anxiety seems driven by the future, but focusing on being present helps tremendously. It lets you focus on what is happening right now and helps to reduce negative thoughts. 

13. Finding Love

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Finding the right partner to share your life with can significantly affect your mental health. One woman shared that she met her husband six years ago, and her life has improved substantially. She never thought she would be this happy, but looking back on her life before him, she was very sad. 

14. Reducing Alcohol Consumption

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Reducing alcohol consumption can also reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. One person shared that one thing that was instrumental in improving their mental health was realizing that alcohol doesn't make them happy and drastically reduced its consumption. 

15. Going to Therapy

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Therapy provides a safe space to express feelings and emotions without judgment. It offers practical solutions to help improve mental health. Therefore, it's essential to prioritize your mental health by seeking help when necessary. Someone shared that going to therapy was the best thing they'd ever done for themself.  


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