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Must-Have Essentials for a Vacation That Can Be Purchased at Dollar Tree

Vacations can be expensive, but sticking to a budget can help keep travel spending minimal. Essential packing items are a must-buy among spending items like lodging, airfare, and entertainment. Still, there’s no need to splurge on them. 

As of 2023, the average American vacation costs $1,919 per week, which is above the national average monthly rental price for an apartment at $1,700. One of the best-kept secrets to help save money on essentials is to purchase them at Dollar Tree or other low-cost stores. When operating on a strict travel budget, purchasing must-haves at Dollar Tree is a great way to stretch a dollar further. 

Practical Dollar Tree Essentials 

1. Travel Toothbrush

Not interested in bringing a toothbrush from home along for the trip? There’s no need to waste a chunk of your spending funds to buy a new toothbrush for vacation. A cost-effective solution is available at Dollar Tree. There is a plastic toothbrush from Dollar Tree you can use while out and about. This travel toothbrush kit even includes travel-size toothpaste, all for $1.25.

2. Disposable Razors

One of the common misconceptions regarding Dollar Tree is that their products are knockoffs. However, it’s important to debunk this myth, as plenty of name-brand items are at Dollar Tree—a practical and reliable option like a two-pack of Bic Disposable Razors, which are perfect for traveling. These razors come in handy when traveling, making them an excellent choice for travelers. 

3. Travel Containers 

The strict Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines dictate that liquids and gels must be carried in containers of 3.4 ounces or less. With these strict regulations, everyone must comply. Understanding the rules can prevent individuals from the unfortunate scenario of having to discard used bottles of shampoo, conditioners, or body wash. Recognizing this, individuals can invest in a set of travel bottles that are catered by Dollar Tree. Consider these 3 piece travel bottle sets, which are appropriately sized containers for your liquid and gels while embarking on your adventure. 

4. Mini Deodorant

Utilizing the available packing space becomes a paramount consideration when preparing for travel endeavors. During these times, packing with minis becomes a brilliant strategy. Among the essentials, deodorant is a must-have on any vacation, and Dollar Tree carries mini versions of name-brand deodorants like Old Spice, perfect for slipping in small bags for a trip. This level of convenience isn’t about saving space but being sure individuals have all the comforts and necessities while on their trips. 

5. First Aid Finds

During a trip, unforeseen situations happen. No one can predict what the future holds. Being prepared for anything is one of the best travel tips for any traveler. First aid essentials like Band-Aids, gauze, and sterile wipes are all stocked at Dollar Tree. The store also stocks complete mini-First Aid kits, which contain a variety of Band-Aid sizes and fit easily in a purse or backpack. 

6. Sewing Kit

Whether you are on a business trip, a leisure vacation, or an adventurous escapade, unforeseen challenges to your attire can happen. Depending on the occasion for travel, a sewing kit can really come in handy. It’s hard to know when the next wardrobe malfunction is happening. Avoid embarrassing pant rips and broken straps ruining a vacation by purchasing a travel sewing kit for $1.25. 

7. Manicure Kit

Another item that is nice to have while away from home is a manicure kit. This manicure kit from Dollar Tree comes with a nail file and three tools to trim nails, hang nails, and keep manicures looking great on vacation. This kit isn’t just about the aesthetic, but it embodies the idea that self-care should be an important part of your travel routine. 

8. Sunscreen

Stocking up at Dollar Tree can save some serious cash. If the destination is somewhere sunny, plenty of sunscreen is a need. Forgetting sunscreen comes with paying a premium once arriving at a resort, hotel, or beach. Between reapplication and many sunny days, it’s well worth picking up a bottle at Dollar Tree before a trip.

9. Neck Pillow

Buying a neck pillow at the airport is expensive, but they have many uses between flights, train rides, and road trips. At Dollar Tree, neck pillows are available for just $5 and avoid the premium costs charged at hotels and airports. Different color options include blue, pink, and animal print.

10. Sanitizing Items

Getting sick on vacation is a recipe for travel disaster. According to a study by CDC doctors, between 6 and 87% of travelers get sick while being away from home. Preventative measures can help to avoid illness ruining trip plans. The best part? They can also be purchased at Dollar Tree. Consider these antibacterial travel wipes from Aquarelle or a two-count of travel-sized hand sanitizer, each for $1.25.

Packing with Purpose 

There’s no better feeling than perfectly meeting a vacation budget. Before traveling for vacation, avoid paying premiums for travel essentials and fill up a basket at Dollar Tree. Travelers won’t regret taking the time to save some cash. In fact, purchasing all of the items on this list should be less than $20.

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