10 Issues Transforming into Unmanageable Dilemmas

The world is constantly changing and evolving, but some things really make us look around and think, “Things are getting out of hand.” In an online discussion, people shared what they felt was getting out of control. The following are the top ten things that made the list.

1. YouTube Ads

“Ads on YouTube,” one woman said. Everyone who uses YouTube knows how frustrating it can be to sit through multiple ads before getting to the video you want to watch. “I remember the good old days when ads would never exceed 15 seconds. Now it's normal for a video to start with a 15-second ad, followed by a 5-6 second one. Sometimes, I even get two 15-second ads back to back!” someone added.

2. Job Experience

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It isn't enough to have a degree or qualifications for a job. Most employers are looking for candidates with years of experience under their belt, even for entry-level positions. “Jobs asking for 5+ years of experience being listed as entry-level,” one man said. 

3. Social Media Comments

With the anonymity that the internet provides, it's so easy for people to hide behind their internet personas and leave hurtful, hateful, and argumentative comments. “Comment sections on social media. They used to be pretty fun to scroll through and engage with. Now it's mostly full of insufferable people who get off on arguing with strangers online, picking fights over literally anything,” one man said. 

4. Monthly Subscriptions

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“Monthly subscriptions. Not just streaming services. Software, games, and even vehicle features,” someone said. Lately, every platform and service now offers a monthly subscription. People are losing track and spending hundreds of dollars monthly to access different apps and services.

5. Grocery Prices

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“Grocery prices,” someone said. Given the supply chain disruptions and inflation after the pandemic, the cost of groceries has skyrocketed. Many families are struggling to afford to put food on their table. “Definitely! The prices got high, but the packets are smaller. The former normal size of everything is now “family size” in my country,” someone agreed.

6. Housing Market

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Property prices are increasing at an alarming rate, but incomes have remained the same. It's becoming increasingly difficult to buy a home, leading to a rise in the number of renters and, therefore, an increase in rental prices. “Rent increases and mortgage rates,” one person said. “It's not so much mortgage rates, but rather that home prices have greatly outstripped incomes,” another person added.

7. Short Form Content

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With almost every social media platform offering short-form content, it's easy to get sucked into spending hours scrolling and consuming content, not to mention the harmful effects this has on children. “Short videos on every social media app. It destroys the attention span and critical thinking abilities, mainly for children who grow up with these apps watching endless short videos,” one man said.

8. Social Media Pressure

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With so many influencers and celebrities portraying unrealistic beauty standards and lifestyles, it's easy to feel you're not measuring up. “The pressure from social media to look absolutely perfect at all times, to the point where everyday people are having surgery to alter their looks,” one woman said.

9. Homelessness

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“Homelessness,” one woman said. With rising property prices and a lack of affordable housing, more and more people are finding themselves without a place to call home. “Cities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars bulldozing encampments instead of helping the people in the encampments get into proper housing or substance treatment centers,” someone agreed.

10. Airlines

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“Airlines. Ticket prices rising, leg room shrinking, cancellations and delays with no recourse becoming an almost every-time-I-fly experience, it's all becoming quite infuriating,” one woman said. With the overbooked flights, long delays, and hidden fees, it's becoming harder for some people to enjoy traveling.


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