How These Hidden Gems Can Make You Feel Wealthy

In society, people wish to be in the top 1% without worrying about swiping their cards left and right. Being rich, you don't have to worry about scraping by every month. Everything is in your control. However, not everyone is in the top 1%. 

While scrolling on Reddit, I encountered a thread asking users to share some things that made them feel rich. Even if we aren’t rich, we can feel rich, right? 

1. A House 

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A house is expensive these days, and not everyone owns one. However, a Redditor says, “Owning a 3000 sf house with a game room, library, and master bath feels crazy rich to me.” Compared to an apartment, a house does give you more privacy and space. 

Another user says that she never had a house with a guest room or laundry rooms, but she bought a fixer-upper one for a great price. Now she has more space to use. 

“I’m thankful to have a house. I can barely see my neighbors' houses. Privacy is priceless.” Responded another Redditor. 

2. Buying Groceries 

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Groceries are pricey due to inflation, and the majority of people would look at prices and buy things they only need. Many Redditors say that buying groceries without looking at the price or comparing prices is considered rich to them. They don’t need to worry about going over their budget or going into debt. 

One user says, “Being able to grab extra things while grocery shopping just because I’m in the mood for it, without having to worry about sticking to an exact budget.” 

Whether things they wanted or were unplanned, they were able to buy and not look at the label. As long as they cover it, there is nothing to worry about. 

3. Bills Paid 

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Every month is rough when it’s time to pay bills. Nothing in life is free or cheap. Some users said that having enough money to pay their bills made them rich because they didn’t have to worry about homelessness. They got lights, air conditioning, and a roof over their heads. 

4. Self-Care 

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Self-care is important, and it is something most people neglect in life or can’t afford to do. Everyone has something they like to do to relax. A Redditor says being able to afford to get her hair done. Even though her hair cost $400 when she thought it was $25, she could cover it. 

“Being able to get my hair done more than once every couple of years.” says another user. 

Another says, “I feel guilty spending money on a manicure, but I always feel pretty boujee afterward.” 

Whether it’s your nails or hair, going to a beauty shop to treat yourself is a rare luxury for some people. Beauty is not cheap. If you want to feel confident and beautiful, you have to pay up for the services. 

5. Clothes 

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To stay on top of trends in the fashion world, people love to buy clothes, whether they thrift or buy new ones. One user says she feels rich when she doesn’t have to shop for clothes on sale. Most people love to buy new clothes because it feels like an accomplishment for them since they can afford them. 

Source: Reddit

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