11 Foods That Could Cause You To Go Broke 

If you've ever been to the grocery store or restaurant and come across something so expensive that you stop and wonder if it's worth it, you are the only one. Everyone loves to indulge in a delicious, luxury meal every once in a while. Whether you prefer the sweetness of crab legs or the richness of artisan cheese, there's something you might be overlooking: the price tag. Here are eleven expensive foods that will quickly drain your wallet if you eat them too often.

1. Sushi 

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Sushi is the most well-known Japanese dish outside of Japan and is widely popular in countries worldwide. Despite its many variations in countries all over the globe, one thing remains true: sushi is expensive. It's a highly labor-intensive dish that requires skill and fresh ingredients to ensure it's prepared well. While so many people enjoy the delicious balance of sweet and savory flavors in sushi, it can't be eaten daily.

2. Steak 

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Steak is the king of meat. When cooked to perfection, it's flavorful, juicy, and tender. Its deep, rich, umami flavor has a certain old-fashioned esteem that everyone loves. Despite its popularity, the cost of steak is still baffling to consumers. But a quality steak is a tender steak, and with the price of beef rising and the butchery skills required to enjoy premium cuts of meat, the cost of regular steak dinners could set you back financially. 

3. Crawfish 

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Crawfish are a classic Southern staple. These bite-sized crustaceans have a unique sweet and salty flavor similar to crab or shrimp and are best enjoyed as a communal meal. However, the unprecedented heat in recent years is dwindling the crawfish supply and jacking up the prices per pound. So, unless you live in an area like Louisiana, where crawfish are native and abundant, the sheer number of crawfish you'd need to host a crawfish boil would set back your grocery bill. 

4. Strawberries 

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Strawberries are an incredibly popular fruit worldwide but also very expensive. The price of strawberries has been steadily increasing over the last few years. Also, with a greater emphasis on health and wellness, many organic strawberry growers offer these fruits at a premium price of 40% to 50% higher than the conventional strawberry. If strawberries are your go-to fruit, you may need to take a closer look at your budget

5. Crab Legs 

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Crab legs for dinner is a seafood lover's dream. The meat is sweet, soft, and succulent, and though cracking them open can be messy, it's all part of the experience. The price tag is the only downside to indulging a few times a week. If you live on the coast, crab legs might be a little more affordable in your area, but if you're landlocked, you'll be paying a hefty price to crack open your dinner, especially if your preference is the King Crab.

6. Oysters 

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With their unique texture and rich umami flavor, oysters are an acquired taste. But for the people who love them, they can really put a dent in their wallets. Each individual oyster can take up to three years to fully mature and only has a shelf life of a little over a week, driving up the cost. However, the price of oysters varies depending on the season and area they were harvested, ranging from a $1 special at a beach bar to $100 per shell at a restaurant. 

7. Artisan Cheese

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Did you know that eating cheese can give you a dopamine hit? That's right, eating cheese is mildly addictive. That explains why so many people are willing to spend so much on artisan cheese. The complex flavors and textures of cheeses like Brie, Gouda, and Manchego have a culture and history attached to them that create flavors far more indulgent than the average cheddar or mozzarella. While relaxing with a glass of good wine and cheese might sound like your ideal Friday night, your wallet won't be thanking you. 

8. Lobster 

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Lobster is one of the most well-known rags-to-riches stories in the culinary world. A few centuries ago, lobster was considered a poor person's meal; now, it's one of the most expensive seafood in the world. With its rich, buttery flavor and tender yet meaty texture, lobster is a delicacy, and its price reflects that. While many people would love to dig into a serving of lobster tail, bisque, or rolls for dinner, your food bill will skyrocket if this is part of your weekly routine.

9. Quinoa 

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Quinoa is regarded as one of the world's healthiest foods and has been nicknamed a superfood; it's no wonder you pay a premium price for it. This “super-grain” contains protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. But with a price point considerably higher than that of other grains, including oats and rice, regularly including quinoa in your diet can seriously put a dent in your grocery budget.

10. Fresh Salmon


There are so many ways to prepare salmon, steamed, smoked, sauteed, or grilled; it's no surprise it's one of the most popular fish choices in the United States. Its buttery, rich flavor is incredible, plus salmon is high in protein and healthy fats. Given the cost of farming and transporting salmon and the high consumer demand, fresh salmon is often much more expensive than other types of fish. So, if you're a salmon lover, you'll need to find an alternative every once in a while.

11. Almonds

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Nuts are typically more expensive than fruits and vegetables, and considering the cost of growing and harvesting almonds, they're among the most costly nuts on the market. This means that products like almond butter and almond milk also come at a much higher cost as well. Although their sweet, nutty flavor might keep you coming back for more, if almonds are a regular part of your diet, they're likely causing you to spend a lot more than you realize.



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