15 Things Millennials Have Proudly Ruined for Society

Millennials have been constantly blamed by boomers and GenX for the changes introduced to society in recent years. Although things might be different from what they used to be, it's safe to argue that millennials have improved many things in our society. The following are fifteen things millennials have proudly ruined. 

1. The Diamond Industry

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Sorry, De Beers, but diamonds aren't a millennial's best friend. With the diamond industry's long history of human rights abuse, this generation isn't as impressed by natural diamonds as the generations before them. Millennials prefer to spend their money on lab-grown diamonds and moissanite. One man commented, “Lab-grown diamonds pass all diamond detector tools because they ARE diamonds but way, way cheaper. Love it.”

2. Workplace Loyalty

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An anonymous millennial shared, “Loyalty to the workplace was fine when it meant you could work there for decades at a fair wage, good benefits, etc. Now, to get a raise, you often have to get a new job in the same industry at a different company.” Millennials aren't staying in a job they hate just because they feel obligated to. They're more likely to job-hop until they find a position that's the right fit. This practice is becoming a lot more common among the working class. 

3. Marriage for Convenience

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Boomers are constantly complaining about how millennials aren't getting married. Still, this generation won't marry someone just because it makes sense. They're waiting for real love and connection. “I'm so happy that more people are waiting to get married because they want to be sure their partner is the right one for them. It's not enough to just love your partner; you have to like spending time with them too,” one woman said. 

4. Work-Life Balance

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You will hardly find a millennial who will boast about working insane hours at work. This generation prioritizes spending time with family and friends and making time for their hobbies. “Work-life balance. I believe some companies are following suit, and it's a good change. Now let's hope future generations can finally abolish the strict 8-hour work culture for most jobs,” one man said.

5. Ironing Clothes

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Millennials hate ironing clothes. It's part of the reason why workplace casual became so popular once millennials joined the workforce. “I will always remember my mother saying how she didn't have enough time in the day to do what she needed to do but iron clothes every day. Even socks and underwear, everything had to be ironed!” one woman said. 

6. Napkins

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Millennials have also destroyed the napkin industry, and honestly, they're okay with that. Why use a separate set of napkins when paper towels serve the same purpose? “Everyone realized you could just use a paper towel or a cloth napkin and that paper napkins are kind of pointless,” one man said. 

7. Deadbeat Dads

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“Being an absent father. Millennial Dads have made Dadding cool,” one millennial said. One thing millennials aren't letting men get away with is shying away from their responsibilities as a parent. Unlike their fathers and grandfathers, millennial dads understand the importance of being a present father. 

8. Stigma of Being Child-Free By Choice

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The generations before would judge and shun anyone bold enough to say they want to remain child-free, but not millennials. They understand that having kids is a major life decision that everyone has the right to make for themselves. “Having kids just because that's what everyone else did,” one woman said.

9. Toxic Family Dynamics

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Millennials are not going to put up with abusive or dysfunctional family members just because they're family. This generation isn't afraid of going no-contact or low-contact with anyone, including family members. One woman said, “Yes, sure. We're all humans, we're all flawed, and our understanding of these relationships is evolving. That's not the issue. The issue is the wilful refusal to do any introspection, take accountability, and acknowledge any shortcomings at all.”

10. Corporal Punishment at School

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The way millennials see it, children should be protected and not beaten. Generations of the past believed that teachers should have the authority to spank children, but that just isn't a thing anymore. “Yeah, hearing some of my older co-workers talking about getting beat in school and wearing it like a badge of honor seemed a little messed up. I understand why folks romanticize corporal punishment with some of the stuff we hear/see happening in schools, but paddling probably isn't the best way to address it,” one man said.

11. Visiting Newborn Babies at the Hospital

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When you give birth, expect to get a sweet message from a millennial, but they definitely won't show up at the hospital. They understand that it's essential to wait until the family's ready for visitors. “Visitors in the hospital after having a baby. This is time for mom to recover and baby to bond with the parents,” one woman said.

12. Stigmas of Appearance

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The idea of having colorful hair, tattoos, or piercings being unprofessional or preventing you from getting a job is a thing of the past. Millennials don't judge people based on how they look and understand that this doesn't affect their ability to do their job. One man remarked, “Having dyed hair or tattoos doesn't affect how well someone can work.”

13. Owning Fine China

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Sorry, Grandma, but millennials aren't keeping up the tradition of keeping a case of special occasion plates around the house. It seems impractical and a waste of good dishes. “What's the point of having dinnerware you use once a year and keep in a display case the other 364 days,” one young woman said. 

14. Expensive Weddings

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We've heard for years that millennials are ruining the wedding industry, but they aren't phased by that. Weddings are insanely expensive, and millennials prefer spending money on something that benefits their relationship rather than a big party. “One woman commented, “I'm glad I'm seeing less expensive overblown weddings. Why spend all that on one day? Use it to pay some bills or put a down payment on a home. I feel smaller, more intimate weddings are more meaningful. There's nothing wrong with civil ceremonies either.” 

15. Car Ownership

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Owning a car isn't exceptionally high on a millennial's priority list. There are many ways to get around, including bikes, public transit, and ride-sharing companies. One man shared, “I'm glad the newer generation realizes that having everyone commute by cars (and only cars) isn't good for traffic/environment/stress. Instead, some are opting for the real freedom of riding bicycles or going by transit to eliminate the “driving” part of “texting and driving” and keep the roads safer for everyone else.” 


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