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Help! How Much Are You Budgeting for Groceries Today?

With rising inflation and the cost of living growing across the country, people need help creating a grocery budget that works for their families.
One shocked shopper took to a popular online forum to ask others, “how much are you budgeting for groceries?” Of course, every household is different, but each response is filled with tips to help anyone save a few bucks.

1. $1,000 Per Month for Two Adults and Two Athletic Kids

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One family of four with two growing, athletic teen boys spends $1,000 monthly at the grocery store. This family finds it helpful to create specific grocery budgets versus cleaning supplies, clothing, and other expenses. “We eat three meals daily with one restaurant meal or less per week.”

2. $700 Per Month for Two Active Adults

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Buying groceries can cost around $700 monthly for two adults in a high-cost area. This doesn't include the cost of eating out, which the family does only once per month.
However, this family admits that saving money isn't their priority. “We eat a fair bit of meat, seafood, dairy, and fresh vegetables, but we also don't eat steak and lobster every night.”

3. $200 Per Month With Intense Couponing

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Scouring sales sites and relying on coupons can cause your grocery prices to drop significantly. “I still haven't spent over $200 on a bad month for a household of two, usually closer to $150,” shares one shopper who relies on sales, coupons, and rewards deals. “Cutting costs on groceries can be done, but it requires time, effort, and planning.”

4. $500 Per Month for a Family of Four

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One parent in a family of four shared their strategy of checking out local grocery stores to compare prices. On top of that, the family rarely goes out to eat, which cuts down on food costs tenfold. As a result, they can keep costs down at $500 per month to feed the family healthy meals.

5. $360 Per Month For 2.5 Adults

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Did you know you can find sales ads for groceries online? This family relies on them to keep their food-related costs low every month.
On top of that, they try their best to stock up on items that will last a long time in the pantry and the freezer. “We buy meats on manager's markdown and sales to freeze,” they say, adding that they do the same with bread, bagels, and fruits.

6. $350 Per Month in a Low to Medium Cost of Living Area

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One family advises against impulse buys at the grocery store, which helps their family's budget stay around $350 per month for a family of two adults and two babies in a low-to-medium-cost-of-living area.
“I meal plan in advance, so I don't impulse buy or buy anything we don't need,” they write. The family also avoids buying anything pre-made and will bake their own bread, desserts, and even pizza dough.

7. $400 Per Month for a Family of Three

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Shopping sales work for this family of three, as well as alternating between grocery stores to keep track of the lowest prices in the area. “I do not allow my partner's cravings to dictate our grocery trip; the sales do,” this shopper adds. That strategy helps keep their budget to $400 monthly.

8. $150 Per Month for a Single Person Household

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If you live in a rural area, you can save money on groceries in many ways. “I have a garden in the summer,” writes one person in a single-family household who spends only $150 per month on groceries.
They take advantage of the bulk food store near them, where they stock up on eggs and meat. They also don't eat out, which significantly reduces their food costs. Do you have any tips to help save us money on groceries?
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