15 Intriguing Discoveries About Living Independently

Everyone should experience living alone at least once in their lifetime. But there are some things people only know about living alone once they try it for themselves. In an online discussion, people were asked to share the things no one told them about living alone, and they had a lot of interesting responses. The following are fifteen surprising things you didn't realize about living alone.

1. It's Hard to Live With People Again

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Once you experience the freedom of living alone, you won't want to go back to sharing your space with someone else. One man said, “It's hard to want to go back to living with someone else after you get used to it. If I wanna leave a glass in the sink, ain't nobody's problem but mine.”

2. You Still Need to Do Dishes 

You'd think that since you're the only one in the house, you'd use fewer dishes, but that's not the case. You can't cut down on the number of pots and pans used just because you're only cooking for yourself. One woman commented, “The number of dishes you dirty cooking for one is only one plate fewer than cooking for two.” 

3. You Can Decorate How You Like

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When living alone, there's no need to compromise on decor choices or worry about whether your roommate or partner will like your style. Every home decor choice is entirely yours. “You can have the coolest stuff in your place ever. Posters, neon signs, footstools, you name it,” one man said. “Or you can have nothing at all, finally living that minimalist life that you never knew you needed,” another man agreed. 

4. There's No One Around If You Get Hurt

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One of the major downsides to living alone is there isn't anyone around to help you if you get hurt or fall sick. You definitely need to take extra precautions when living alone. One woman shared, “I once had a bad reaction to meds, which caused an intestinal bleed, and I almost passed out. It was kind of scary… at least if you live with someone, they can call 911.”

5. You Waste More Food

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When you're only cooking for one, it's easy to overestimate how much food you'll need, and you may just throw away leftovers. One woman said, “Grocery shopping is tough. You have to be very deliberate about what you buy. Otherwise, you end up throwing out a lot of food.” 

6. No One Eats Your Snacks

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When you're living alone, you don't have to worry about anyone stealing your favorite snacks because they're all yours. An anonymous person said, “When you buy those moist, fresh muffins that last 3 days from the bakery at the grocery store. You get to eat all your muffins.”

7. There's No One to Help With Chores 

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Many people consider not having any help with chores as a downside of living alone. You're responsible for cleaning, cooking, and taking care of everything on your own,, which can be a lot of work. One man said, “The negative is that you have to do literally everything yourself. There's no division of labor with the household chores.” 

8. It's Much More Peaceful

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You don't have to worry about noisy roommates, kids, or partners when it's just you at the house. Your home can be your sanctuary. One woman said, “How peaceful it is. I listen to my music, enjoy reading on my futon, and destress with no interruptions; the hours just melt away. I know I have to socialize and do enjoy my friends and fellow gamers, but the hours of just being alone in a clean, safe, stress-free environment can't be underestimated.” 

9. It's Eerily Quiet

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The silence of an empty house can be deafening. Many people were surprised by how quiet it was when they started living alone. One man shared, “Any unexplained sound spooks me out.” Another agreed, “Sometimes the quiet is hard when it's just you.” 

10. It Gets Lonely Sometimes

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Coming home and not having anyone to talk to about your day can sometimes become lonely. When you first begin to live alone, you might feel isolated and disconnected from others. “You will get lonely. Learn to be your own best company,” someone remarked. 

11. You Make Your Own Rules

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The freedom to make your own rules is incredible. When you live alone, there's no need to explain or get permission for your choices within your home, and you never have to worry about how anyone will react. One woman commented, “Your house. Your rules. No one can tell you what to do and what not to do.” 

12. You Become Introspective 

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Without distractions, you have more time to reflect on your life. One woman shared, “You find yourself looking around an empty, quiet apartment, all alone, and becoming very introspective. Why am I alone? Is this what I really want? What are other people doing right now? What am I doing with my life? You can ignore those thoughts for quite a while at first, but eventually, they will come to visit with you.” 

13. Sometimes, You Don't Speak for Days

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Without someone to talk to, it's easy to go days without saying a word. It's essential to stay in contact with others while living alone, especially if you spend several days at the house. One man said, “If you have multiple days off in a row, it can get incredibly lonely when you haven't spoken to another person in days.” 

14. You Develop Bad Habits 

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You're more prone to fall into bad habits without someone holding you accountable. “You can get too comfortable and start developing weird habits, and you won't notice when you start doing them in front of other people – like talking to yourself or eating like an animal,” one man said. You must be more mindful of your habits and find ways to maintain a healthy life. 

15. You Have More Time for Hobbies 

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One incredible benefit of living alone includes having more time for hobbies. When you don't have anyone else to spend time with at home, you have more time to focus on your hobbies and passions. One woman shared, “You seem to spend a lot more time on hobbies and creative pursuits when you live alone.” 


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