Beware of These 6 Foods Masquerading as Healthy

Going down the grocery aisle to find the most healthy and nutritious food on the shelf is a challenging task. Companies put words like low-carb, gluten-free, and vegan to make it sound healthy, but it doesn’t mean the food is healthier than other food. While looking through popular online discussions, I came across this forum where people discussed unhealthy food that others thought was healthy. If you look at the ingredients and nutritious facts, it’ll tell a different story. Here are some food you need to watch out for!

Fruit Juices 

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Fruit juices at the store and fruit juice made by you are two different things. People may not realize it, but fruit juices at stores can contain a lot of sugar and calories, which can lead to obesity and poor health outcomes. “Freshly pressed orange juice without sugar or anything is much healthier than the supermarket,” one person says. Another says, “There’s plenty of sugar in them.” Whether buying it at the grocery store or making it yourself, make sure you know what’s in the fruit juice. 

Granola Bars 

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The whole grains may make it look healthy, but when you see the chocolate on the bar, it’s a lot more different than you think. “I’ve heard some people talk about them like they’re a better snack than a candy bar when nutritionally they’re pretty much identical,” he says. 

“They have as much sugar as a candy bar,” she says. 

It’s fat and sugar, usually with low protein and no other nutrients. It’s usually just a combination of empty refined carbs with fat and sugar.” 


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No one would ever think yogurt and sugar go together. Depending on the yogurt you buy, you must read the labels to see what’s in it. There are sugar-free, fat-free, and flavored yogurt, but not all yogurts are considered healthy. You have some that have sugar and unnecessary additives, which can lead to poor health. 

“Fat-free yogurt. The fat is replaced with sugar to maintain flavor, and sugar is a lot worse for you than fat,” a person says. 

“Fat-free plain Greek yogurt shouldn’t be sweetened,” he says. 


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You may think sushi is healthy because you have carbs, protein, and vegetables, but you mostly eat rice with soy sauce. It is not good for you if you choose sushi with a lot of rice and soy sauce. Instead, you want more fish like sashimi with less white rice. Most people have too much sodium in their diets, but if you take more, it can lead to health problems like heart failure and kidney disease. 

The rice is flavored with vinegar and sugar. Lots of sugar. The amount of carbohydrates in sushi is unbelievably high.”

Fruit Snacks

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Just because it says fruit on the box, it doesn’t mean it is healthy. When you read what ingredients are in it, you’ll see it’s loaded with sugar, artificial flavoring, gelatin, and toxic food dyes. There is more to it than the fruits. 

“They got plenty of sugar in them. Even though it says ‘real fruit’ on the box.”

Veggie Straws

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Many people think veggie straws are healthy because they’re made of vegetables, but what people don’t realize is the ingredients in them. They are literally potato chips, which have a lot of sodium and can cause heart disease. A person claims, “I looked at the ingredients and was like, wow, these are potato chips with beet potato.”

“Almost as fat as a potato chip!” She exclaimed. 

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