13 Jobs AI May Slowly Take Over in The Future so Watch Out

With the advancement of technology, AI has become the center of attention for many people. It is being used every day to save time and money. It is likely to replace many jobs in the future. Back then, people had to do everything, but now it seems like technology has replaced humans. 

1. Copywriting 

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Before ChatGPT even existed, people had to write blogs and content for websites. Now that you have ChatGPT, it can write or give you anything you want. It can write your essay, articles, and headlines within a few seconds. 

2. Phone Agents 

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When you have Aircall AI, it can help you run your business by enhancing sales and support processes. You don’t need to hire people to make cold calls to make sales when AI can do that now. 

3. Data Entry Clerk 

When you compare the human brain to a computer, you know the computer is going to think faster since it can analyze data in a few minutes. When business owners can automate their business, they will use AI to do that. Instead of manually extracting and analyzing the data, AI systems can do that pretty quickly. 

4. Cashier 

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When you go grocery shopping, you used to not have self-checkut area, but now you do. You can go grocery shopping and check things out yourself. With self-checkout system and mobile payment, you dont need a traditional cashier. 

5. Driver 

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Have you seen videos of a car driving by itself? It looks cool but dangerous at the same time. There are already cars that can drive by themselves just by typing in the destination. People like chauffeurs, truck drivers, or anyone who does driving for a living will be replaced by AI. 

6. Customer Service

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Customer service has become more automated. When you dial a number, you don’t get to talk to a person but a chatbot. When you try to make an appointment or prescription refill, a chatbot or virtual assistant can help you with that. 

7. Factory Worker 

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Humans can only work so much. Because technology has advanced so much, people are now relying on machines to work faster. You can get a lot of things done more if you rely on machines. If humans take 1 week to do something, a machine might take 3 days or so. 

8. Travel Advisor 

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People rely on travel agents for recommendations and tips when they are planning a vacation. However, many travel platforms are leveraging AI to help customers find suggested places like virtual tours or online informational videos. 

9. Bank Teller 

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With mobile apps and online banking, people can make payments through their phone or computer. You can deposit, withdraw, and transfer money by clicking on a button. This is much faster and more accurate than going to the bank to do all of that. 

10. Librarian 

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With digital prints and Kindle, people are not borrowing books or videos from the library like back then. Everyone is reading online these days. With people focusing more on digital prints, libraries might even go extinct in the future.

11. Receptionist

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With auto check-ins, you don’t need a receptionist to help you check-in. Chatbots can take messages, answer phones, or book appointments just like a receptionist without any problems. AI can replace this job since it doesn’t need break or days off. 

12. Proofreaders

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If AI can write content, it can surely check writing for errors. It can check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation within seconds. Slowly AI understands how the human brain works and can write and proofread like a human.

13. Salespeople 

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Have you ever gotten a phone call where the person was selling you a product or service but it was an automated cold call? That is an automated cold call that you don’t need an actual human to do anymore. A salesperson can be replace since AI can act like one. 


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