Shopping at an Estate Sale? Here Are The 16 Things You Definitely Should Purchase

Estate sales are a fantastic place to buy unique and interesting finds. But it can be overwhelming to know exactly what to look for. In this blog post, we've compiled a list of sixteen things that you should definitely consider purchasing at an estate sale.

1. Artwork 

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Estate sales usually have a variety of artwork available. When shopping at an estate sale, keep an eye out for pieces that catch your eye, such as original artworks and vintage paintings. Artwork can be a wise financial investment as well as an incredible addition to your home decor.

2. Collectibles 

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Estate sales are often a great place to find unique collectibles, such as figurines, vintage toys, and sports memorabilia. If you're a collector, be sure to keep an eye out for items that are rare or in excellent condition. 

3. Table Linens

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Table linens may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of shopping at an estate sale, but they can be a practical and cost-effective purchase at an estate sale. Look out for high-quality tablecloths, napkins, and placemats in classic styles that can be used for many years. 

4. Vintage Furniture 

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Vintage furniture is another item that you should definitely consider purchasing at an estate sale. From mid-century modern to antique pieces, people often have a variety of furniture available for sale at estate sales. Purchase furniture items that are in good condition and pieces that can be easily refurbished or repurposed.

5. Vinyl Records

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Vinyl records are once again increasing in popularity in recent years. If you hope to find some incredible vinyl records, estate sales are a great place to find them. Look for good-quality albums from your favorite artists, or explore new genres you may not have considered before.

6. Antique Dishes 

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Almost every estate sale has a variety of antique dishes available. These unique, vintage dishes could add a rustic charm to your home and are an excellent investment; some could even catch a reasonable resale price. While shopping, search for pieces that are in good condition, complete sets, and unique individual pieces. 

7. Mirrors 

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Vintage and unique mirrors are a staple at estate sales. You can often find a variety of beautifully crafted mirrors at affordable prices. Keep an eye out for mirrors with ornate, antique frames or sleek modern designs that could be a good investment. 

8. Dining Chairs 

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You can find so many beautiful dining chairs at estate sales. You could come across an entire set of beautiful wooden dining chairs at an estate sale. Keep an eye out for a dining set that will match your dining table. If you can't find a complete set of chairs, you could even mix and match some chairs to create a unique collection. 

9. Lamps 

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You wouldn't believe the number of unique lamps you'll come across at estate sales. Everyone has their own unique taste. By shopping estate sales, you'll be able to come across some of the most beautiful and unique vintage lamps out there. 

10. Books 

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Books are a common find at estate sales. While shopping at estate sales, be sure to look out for classic literature, first editions, rare books, and antique books. You can also find some incredible cookbooks and nonfiction books that interest you. 

11. Vintage Jackets 

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Vintage jackets are another fabulous find at estate sales. Many people have vintage jackets in excellent condition just sitting around in the back of their closets. Shopping at estate sales is an easy way to come across unique vintage jackets from past decades. 

12. Rugs 

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Rugs can be really expensive when purchasing them brand new at the store. But shopping at estate sales allows you to buy good-condition rugs at a fraction of the cost. 

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13. Tools

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So many estate sales have tools on sale. If you need specific tools for home improvement projects, visit the closest estate sale. You could come across so many tools that are in excellent condition at a much more affordable rate than buying them brand new. 

14. Vintage Jewelry

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Vintage jewelry is another excellent investment to look for at an estate sale. Many people put vintage jewelry items for sale without even considering the actual cost of these items. You could invest in several things that could have a high resale value. 

15. Rare Coins 

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Are you a coin collector? Estate sales are an incredible place to find rare coins. If you believe a coin could be valuable, consider having it appraised. Some estate sales even have coin collections available.

16. Sterling Silver 

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Sterling silver is an item commonly purchased at estate sales. Many antique home decor pieces, dining sets, and serving trays are made of sterling silver. Ensure your objects are in good condition and can be polished to perfection before purchasing.


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