10 Overlooked Pieces of Advice That Could Change Your Life

Imagine you're seeking advice from a friend, family member, or even a random stranger, and instead of getting a helpful response, you're met with advice that is either obvious, unhelpful, or downright annoying. We've all been there at one point in time. Here are the top ten nuggets of advice that people hate the most.

1. Parenting Advice 

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“Parenting advice……..just don't…..even if you might be family but you don't understand my kid better than me,” one father commented. Being a parent is hard work as it is, but for some reason a lot of people seem to think critiquing other people’s parenting style is helpful. The truth is, most parents just want the space to raise their kids how they see fit.

2. Dating Advice 

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“Just be yourself. If ‘just being myself’ worked, I wouldn’t still be single,” one woman remarked. Dating advice, no matter how well-intentioned, has a way of really grinding some people’s gears. It’s tough enough finding someone you’re compatible with, most people don’t want to hear advice that isn’t going to change a thing.

3. The Cure for Depression 

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This advice is not only unhelpful, but it's also potentially harmful. “Why are you depressed? Just be happy. Thanks, I'll get right on it,” one man wrote. Depression is a complex illness that can't be cured by positive thinking alone. 

4. “Free Advice” 

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“Free advice provided with the purpose of selling products,” an anonymous person added. We've all been approached by someone trying to sell us something under the guise of giving us free advice. It's annoying and a little manipulative. 

5. Financial Advice 

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Finances can be a tricky subject to discuss. When someone isn’t in the same financial situation as you are, they may not realize their advice probably isn’t as helpful as they thought. “Any financial advice that boils down to ‘just remove all unnecessary luxuries from your life, spend only on subsistence’ as if cutting Netflix will somehow magically fix a decade of stagnant wages, spiraling inflation and deliberately over-priced housing,” an individual in the discussion pointed out. 

6. The Cure for Insomnia

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“If you can't sleep, just go to bed earlier,” someone chimed in. If only it were that simple. Insomnia is a serious sleep disorder that requires medical attention, not just a few deep breaths.

7. Unrealistic Real Estate Advice 

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Sure, it's great to invest in property, but it's important to be realistic and not make hasty decisions based on hype. “Just buy 10 properties when you're 24. Set for life,” one man stated.

8. Job Advice 

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While it's important to enjoy your work, not everyone has a specific passion or knows what career path they want to take. “If you don’t like your job, just go and get another one. IF IT WAS THAT SIMPLE I WOULDN’T BE IN A JOB I HATE,” remarked one woman. Career advice can sometimes be overwhelming and unhelpful.

9. Positive Advice 

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“It's all in your mind. Don't think about your disease and you will be alright,” someone added. While a positive mindset is important, it's not a cure-all for life's problems. It's okay to acknowledge and work through difficult emotions.

10. Bullying Advice 

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This advice typically trivializes the seriousness of bullying and can make victims feel isolated and unsupported. “Just ignore the bullies,” one man noted. “Bad advice, just like you don't ignore cancer, you don't ignore a bully,” he continued. It's important to address bullying head-on and seek help when necessary.

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