10 Issues That Shouldn’t Keep You Awake at Night

Have you ever noticed that there are things that seem to interest everyone around you, but you can't seem to care about them? A recent online discussion revealed some things that people couldn't care less about, and in this blog post, we will be sharing the top ten.

1. Facebook

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“Facebook,” one woman said. “My mental health genuinely improved so much when I deleted my Facebook and stopped comparing my life to everyone else's,” someone agreed. Some people use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. On the other hand, others avoid it altogether and would rather spend their time doing other things.

2. Celebrities

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While some people are obsessed with the latest Hollywood gossip, others couldn't care less. To many, celebrities are ordinary people, and following their every move is unnecessary. They'd prefer to focus on their own lives. “Celebrities. I simply don't care about the lives of celebrities. All I care about is what they produce. So if an actor is good at acting, I will watch the movie or show and enjoy it. It goes no further than that. Ever,” someone said.

3. Work

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Some people view work as just a means to an end. They do what they have to do to pay the bills, but they don't derive any real enjoyment from it. “Work. For how most workplaces treat people and how little you get from any work arrangement, I just don't believe in giving my all. Most people don't realize how many years they are taking off their lives by taking on the levels of stress in most workplaces,” one man said.

4. School Reunions

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“School reunions. I don't see the point of attending these gatherings. We have already graduated. Let's just live our lives separately,” someone said. While some people love catching up with old classmates, others have no interest in reliving their high school days.

5. Sports

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Although there are many avid sports fans, they're just not that important for others. “Sports. I don't care who's on what team, who won, or who's playing. I enjoy playing myself with friends, but other than that, I couldn't care less,” one man said.

6. Life Coaches

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“Life Coaches, the two I know that do it, can't even keep their own life together, so they've got no business telling others how to arrange theirs,” one woman commented. Many people believe they can navigate life's challenges on their own without the help of a life coach.

7. Crypto

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Crypto can seem like a confusing and risky investment for those who don't understand it. “Crypto. All the guys I know that were “making stacks of money” still seem to be working terrible jobs and are no better off,” one man said.

8. Weddings

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Some people would rather skip their wedding altogether, whether due to the expense, the stress, or the idea of a big ceremony. “Weddings. I will never comprehend why people spend so much money on one day,” one woman said.

9. Hollywood Award Shows

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Although some people love keeping up with the latest awards and celebrity news, others view these events as frivolous. “Hollywood award shows,” someone said. “Their ratings are down. I think people are tired of rich celebrities getting awarded when all they have done is act, not found a cure for diseases or eradicated world hunger,” someone agreed.

10. Social media influencers

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Social media influencers are quickly becoming the new celebrities. However, many people still aren't interested in what they say. “Social media influencers,” one person said. “There is nothing I would do or buy because an influencer told me to do it. Ever,” someone agreed.


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