15 Life-Changing Experiences Everyone Should Have

Experiences shape who we are. While each experience we go through affects us in different ways, there are a few experiences that everyone should go through at least once. In an online discussion, people were asked to share examples of life-changing experiences everyone should have. The following are the top fifteen responses. 

1. Seeing the Stars

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There's something truly magical about seeing the stars in the clean, unpolluted sky. Many people, unfortunately, haven't had the chance to experience this. “Seeing the stars from somewhere with minimal light pollution… pictures can't capture it, words fail to express it,” an anonymous person said. 

2. Having Someone Light Up When They See You

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When your loved one's face lights up when they see you is a heartwarming and beautiful moment everyone deserves to experience. One woman said, “Either a kid, a pet, or a friend lighting up and making their way over to you on sight. Not many things beat that, and I feel terrible for people who don't have it or don't generate that.” 

3. Learning From Your Mistake

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While we all make mistakes, learning from them is what truly matters. Everyone should have an experience that teaches them to learn from their mistakes. One man said, “Being profoundly wrong about something important to you, accepting that fact, and growing from it positively.” 

4. Hugging Someone You Love 

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Hugging releases oxytocin, the happiness hormone, that helps reduce stress and anxiety. Hugs are a great way to feel more connected to the people you love. Someone shared, “Being able to completely let your guard down with someone in your arms is some of the most deep comfort I've ever felt.”

5. Watching the Sunrise 

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Everyone should experience watching the sunrise at least once in their lifetime. It's a beautiful and indescribable experience that reminds you of the beauty of each new day. One person said, “To watch a sunrise in complete solitude and just observe and experience the birth of a new day.” 

6. Travel to Somewhere New

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Traveling to different countries allows you to step out of your comfort zone, learn about new cultures, and gain a new perspective on life. One man said, “Travel to a new place that is totally different than where you grew up.” Another person agreed, “It opens a lot of new experiences, ideas about the world, and different groups of people to be able to visit somewhere new, even for just a little while.”

7. Living Alone 

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Living alone teaches you so much about yourself that everyone should live alone at some point in life. It allows you to be independent, learn how to survive on your own, and be more self-aware. One woman said, “Everyone should learn to live alone and fend for themselves before they live with someone. Cause if you live with parents and then straight move in with a partner, you miss the opportunity to learn a bit about yourself.”

8. Work in Hospitality 

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Hospitality workers notoriously receive the worst treatment from customers. Everyone should have a chance to work in hospitality to develop more social awareness and understand how to relate to hospitality workers. One woman said, “Work in hospitality so that they would know how to value minimum wage workers and not treat them like shit later on in life.” 

9. Unconditional Love From Parents

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Unconditional love is something that not everyone has the opportunity to experience. It can be truly life-changing to have parents who love and accept you for who you are. One woman said, “Parents who care about you and accept you without creating expectations before you're even born.” 

10. Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Riding in a hot air balloon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience everyone should have. You get to have a bird's eye view of the ground that few have had the chance to see. One woman said, “I think everybody should ride in a HOT AIR BALLOON! At treetop height, your perspective on life choices begins to change. At 250 feet, you begin to breathe as life below is caught up in the frenzied day-to-day you lived just 20 minutes ago.” 

11. Love 

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Love is an experience that can be truly life-changing. Whether romantic love or love for a friend or family member, it can bring so much joy and fulfillment to your life. “Unconditional love that feels safe, passion, and peace,” one woman said.

12. Scuba Diving 

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Scuba diving is like traveling to a completely different world. The underwater has so many beautiful plants and creatures that you can only experience through scuba diving. “Being able to see this insane world that's hidden under the waves is mind-blowing. It's one thing to see photos or movies but to be down there with it is just so amazing. If you visit a healthy reef, I equate it to walking into a garden bursting with flowers for the first time when you've only ever lived in a concrete jungle of a city,” someone said. 

13. Finding Your Passion

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Everyone deserves to find their passion at some point in life. When you discover your passion, you also develop a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Someone said, “To be passionate about something. Doesn't have to be a person.” Another commenter added, “This definitely seems to give your life a bit more purpose when you are so passionate about something. It is a great feeling and amazing when you meet people with the same passion to talk about it.” 

14. Self-Love

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One person said, “Feeling comfortable with themselves.” Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? Learning to love and accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all, is an incredible feeling we all deserve to experience. 

15. Heartbreak 

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Heartbreak is painful but teaches us so much more about love, relationships, and ourselves. Having your heart broken will also help you to become more resilient and better prepared to face life's challenges. One man said, “Having your heart broken. The most human of all experiences and emotions. It makes you question whether love actually exists while simultaneously proving that it unequivocally does.” 


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