10 Things Grandparents Treasure, Yet Millennials Question

Have you ever wondered why seniors find certain things enjoyable that you can’t understand? Well, you’re not alone! According to an online discussion, people were sharing their experiences. Here are some interesting responses that will probably leave you flabbergasted. 

1. The News

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“Watching the news constantly,” one anonymous person commented. Older adults have a never-ending fascination with watching the news 24/7. “My grandparents have CNN on all day long. Even if they aren’t even in the room. It makes no sense to me,” a granddaughter replied. Is it because they have nothing better things to watch but the news?

2. Slot Machines 

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“Sitting hours behind those slot machines,” one man said. Those flashy ads make it seem like the slot machines are a glamorous experience. However, when you walk in, it’s just rows and rows of seniors sitting for hours, pushing buttons like they’re on a mission. 

3. Fine China 

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One man said, “Fine china and silverware. It’s pretty in the way anything made in bulk can be. It’s expensive, has very little resale value, fragile, and virtually useless unless you’re trying to impress another old person.” This fancy dinnerware is supposed to be reserved for special occasions only. But let’s be honest, who actually uses these dishes nowadays? It’s a mystery that only older adults seem to have the answer to.

4. Soap Operas 

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“Soap operas. I get bored after 30 mins. How does someone watch 500 episodes?” one man remarked. “Nowadays, The Young and the Restless is watched exclusively by people who are neither young nor restless,” joked an anonymous person. It’s a mystery how older people have managed to stay engaged with these never-ending sagas that have gone on for decades.

5. The Weather 

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“Obsessed with the weather,” someone chimed in. While people are busy with their lives, the older generation meticulously records every weather detail. One gentleman said, “My partner’s grandmother house-sat while we were away for a trip and made sure to record the weather details for us every day we were gone.”

6. Ambrosia Salad

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“Ambrosia Salad,” someone commented. “It was a weird status thing. All the stuff that goes into ambrosia salad used to be extremely expensive,” another individual replied. It once symbolized wealth, but nowadays, if you see it at a potluck, you’re probably hanging out with an older crowd.

7. Hard Candies  

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Senior citizens are notorious for having these oddly-flavored hard candies that no one else enjoys. “Hard candies,” one person remarked. “I know the ones you’re talking about. They’re in a bowl at grandma’s house, and I’ve never seen them for sale at any store,” a woman replied.

8. Waking Up Early 

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Most of us would love a chance to sleep in. It’s a mystery why senior citizens refuse to do so. “Waking up early. Grandma, you are RETIRED. WHY WOULD YOU NOT SLEEP IN EVERY DAY???????” A young woman remarked.

9. Carpeted Floors

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“Carpet in every room, including the bathrooms,” someone remarked. Can you believe there was a time when having carpet in every room, including the bathrooms, was a sign of luxury? According to one man, “Hardwood floors used to be the default of poverty. Carpet was expensive.” While younger people prefer the sleek look of hardwood, for many older adults, the coziness and warmth that carpet provides are still a beloved feature in their homes. 

10. Rum and Raisin Ice Cream

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“Rum and raisin ice cream,” one man said. “This is so funny to me. My first job as a teenager was to work in the kitchen of a nursing home. They always had two types of ice cream: one container of rum raisin and another container of a different flavor,” another replied. While young people tend to prefer other flavors, the classic rum and raisin always bring a smile to any older person’s face.

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