15 Ways GenX Was Completely Wrong About Millennials 

Millennials are really misunderstood and stereotyped by older generations. From being called lazy to being accused of fearing commitment, many misconceptions exist among people from this generation. In this article, we’ll share fifteen stereotypes about millennials and discover the truth about these people.

1. Millennials Are Lazy

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Generations of the past believe that everyone should prioritize hard work if they want to be successful in life. But millennials are different; they use technology to increase their productivity and know the importance of having a healthy work-life balance. 

2. They’re Bad With Money

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Millennials practice savvy financial habits and tackle student loans, bills, and job insecurity wisely. They use innovative budgeting and investment strategies to secure their financial future. 

3. Millennials Don’t Like Cars

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Although millennials own fewer vehicles than the older generations, it isn’t that millennials don’t like cars or don’t want to drive. Some cannot afford the high cost of buying a new vehicle or taking out an auto loan, others live in urban areas where public transportation is much more convenient, and some choose not to have a car because of the negative impact on the environment. 

4. They Don’t Want To Be Married 

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Millennials aren’t opposed to marriage but want to ensure they’ve taken the time to work on themselves before settling down. They place a lot of focus on personal development and career growth throughout their young lives and often delay marriage until they’re optimistic they’ve found the right person. 

5. Millennials Lack Ambition

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Millennials are known for starting their own businesses, working multiple jobs, and freelancing in their free time. The older generations have the belief that millennials aren’t ambitious because their approach to work and life is different from GenX and Boomers, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

6. They’re Entitled

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Millennials aren’t entitled; they’re frustrated. It’s no secret that millennials entered adulthood at the worst possible financial time after The Great Recession. This has impacted their generation’s ability to afford the life the generations before them had at the same age. The tough job market and crippling student loan debts have made adulthood challenging for millennials.   

7. They Don’t Read

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Millennials are book lovers. Despite what the older generations may believe, millennials still spend a lot of time reading. They’re the generation who reads the most compared to the others. From ebooks to physical copies, millennials are very much voracious readers. 

8. Millennials Have Commitment Issues 

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Most millennials would resist job hopping as much as possible. They understand the importance of their time and skills and don’t want to waste them in a job that isn’t worth it. 

9. They Don’t Want to Work

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The millennial generation is more focused on creating opportunities for themselves rather than working for someone else. They prioritize freelancing and side gigs rather than securing a traditional office job. This has caused GenX and Boomers to view millennials as being adverse to work, but that isn’t the case. 

10. Millennials Don’t Care About Privacy

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The claim that millennials are averse to privacy isn’t valid. Millennials grew up during significant technological advancements and, because of that, are a lot less suspicious about sharing information online. They understand what can and can’t be shared and simply manage privacy issues differently from other generations. 

11. They’re Addicted to Their Phones

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Millennials are digital natives. They were the first generation to grow up with cell phones and understand their importance for their personal and professional lives. While they know how to leverage technology to improve their daily lives, millennials also know how to step away from technology and go off-grid to preserve their mental wellness. 

12. They Lack Workplace Loyalty

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It’s common to hear Boomers and GenXers who have been working the same job since they left college. People of these generations believe in loyalty to your workplace and often dedicate their lives to one company. On the other hand, millennials would not hesitate to leave a job if the working conditions aren’t ideal. This isn’t because they lack workplace loyalty but simply because they seek out positions that offer more than just security.

13. Millennials Don’t Respect Authority

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It isn’t true that millennials have a lack of respect for authority, but they understand that having a place of authority doesn’t automatically mean you deserve regard. Millennials believe in respecting someone who displays respectable values. 

14. They Can’t Handle Stress

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Millennials have been raised in an environment that’s constantly changing and uncertain. They have faced several significant disasters and have found ways to cope with everything that comes their way. To think of millennials as unable to handle stress is just plain incorrect. 

15. Millennials Ignore Politics

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To the eyes of other generations, millennials are against politics, but this isn’t true. Millennials understand that making changes to the political landscape doesn’t always have to be major public changes.


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