The Cost of These 15 Items Was a Real Wake-Up Call for Young Adults 

Children often dream of the day they'll be financially free and able to buy whatever they want. We've all envisioned our lives as adults in our own homes, surrounded by everything we love and living life on our own terms. But once you become an adult, you realize that independence comes at a cost, often a lot more than you expected. According to an online discussion, the cost of these fifteen items was a real wake-up call for young adults.

1. Food 

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When you're young, you often take for granted the fact that your parents provide you with meals every day. But according to one man, as you become an adult, you will realize that food is both more expensive and goes bad quicker when you're an adult.

2. Work Done by Tradesmen 

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Kids don't have to think of the pressures of maintaining a home or its associated costs. Whether it's a plumber, electrician, or carpenter, hiring someone to fix things around your house can be astronomical. It's common for a simple repair to cost hundreds of dollars, which can be shocking to young adults who aren't used to paying for everything themselves.

3. A Good Pair of Shoes 

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A good pair of shoes is surprisingly expensive. When you're young, you often don't have to worry about buying shoes for yourself. Your parents cover the costs regardless of whether they're cheap or brand-name shoes. Once you start shopping as an adult, it's shocking just how expensive a good quality pair of shoes can be.

4. Having a Pet

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We all love our pets, but the cost of caring for an animal can quickly add up. Food, vet bills, and grooming expenses can make it difficult for young adults to afford a pet. 

5. Cars

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Cars are a huge expense many young adults have to deal with. According to one young man, all grown-ups have them, maybe even multiple, so it's surprising that some cars are more expensive than a 2-bedroom apartment. When you own a vehicle, not only do you have to pay for the car itself, but you also have to pay for gas, insurance, and maintenance. 

6. Prescription Glasses

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The cost of prescription glasses is surprisingly expensive. Young children are often covered under their parent's health insurance, or their parents cover their prescription glasses bill. But as an adult, you realize that prescription glasses can cost hundreds of dollars.

7. Water

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Water is another expense that young adults often take for granted. It's usually a small expense that young people only consider once they must pay for it themselves. One woman remarked how she remembers moving into her first apartment and realizing she had to pay for the water you shower with! 

8. Going Out Restaurants

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For most people, when their family would go out to eat as a kid, the menu prices were never a concern. Many young people expressed their surprise when they started going out with friends and saw the prices on restaurant menus. 

9. Lego Sets

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As a kid, asking for the latest and greatest toy without understanding the cost is easy because you don't yet understand how much it costs. However, many young adults were surprised to learn just how expensive this hobby can be. Many sets can cost upwards of $100.

10. Cheese

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So many people love cheese, but the cost can be pretty expensive unless you buy the generic grocery store brand. Many young people are shocked when they begin grocery shopping and realize the price of fancy artisanal cheeses.

11. Electricity

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One young woman remarked how she always thought electricity was as free as the air we breathe. As a kid, it's easy to leave your bedroom light on all night without thinking twice about the cost. However, as you start paying your bills, you'll quickly realize that every little bit adds up. 

12. Traveling for Holidays 

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Most children don't realize how expensive it is for their parents to take family vacations during the holidays. Kids aren't expected to cover any holiday expenses, but as a young adult, it's shocking to learn how quickly the cost of flights, hotels, and activities adds up.

13. Entertainment.

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One woman shared that as a child, she didn't understand why her family never went to the movies, Chuck E Cheese, or to dinner as a family of five. But as an adult planning outings with friends and family, you realize how expensive things can be. 

14. Fresh fruit.

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Fresh fruit is often seen as a healthy and affordable option. Still, lately, the cost of fresh fruits has risen considerably. One man remarked that once he became an adult, he realized why his family used to grow their own food. 

15. Credit Cards 

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Credit cards can be beneficial for building credit. But if you're a young person who hasn't been educated on the hidden cost of using credit cards, this can really set you back financially. Many kids don't realize there are interest rates and fees for using a credit card and are in for a shock once they're ready to sign up for one themselves.


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